Sunday, May 9, 2010

MassResistance is linked to Anti-gay "Christian" Rent Boy Patron

Yes folks. It appears that MassResistance has been using Dr. George Rekers documents to boost it's "It's bad to be gay" creed. So I guess it's bad to be gay unless you pay for it?

On April 8, 2010 MassResistance posted on its blog the following:
Pediatricians Warning Schools: Do Not Promote Being 'Gay'

We have lived the nightmare of GLBT activists meddling in the life of our family, and cruelly targeting a confused young child. Luckily, our personal stories have turned out well.

But how many young people are drawn into unhappy lives -- even the dangerous sadomasochist underworld -- by the twisted preaching of GLSEN, PFLAG, and their "Safe Schools" agents?

The American College of Pediatricians is right on target with their new report, "Facts about Youth."

And guess who's one of the American College of Pediatricians? Yep, you guessed it, Dr. George Rekers! This bogus group sent out the letter to Superintendents around the country right before Dr. George Rekers took his European trip with an escort from

Here is a link to Rachel Maddow's reporting on the Rekers scandal and her expose on the American College of Pediatricians.


massmarrier said...

To use MR's own favorite term, it's an outrage. Laying out pseudo-research and claiming citations from a made-up group handful of bigots is crazy stuff. MR cites it and people even bring it to legislative testimony. Where are the dunce caps?

John Hosty said...

What I find outrageous is their continued use of other people's work without permission or even credit. I cite all the pictures over the years they've stolen of Marilyn Humphries for example.

Thanks for staying on top of what this hate group does so the rest of us don't have to get dirty first hand. Great work.

SisterTemptation said...

It is most significant that this Blog - Mass Resistance Watch - has overtaken Mass Resistance Blog in popularity. We are winning hearts and minds and a total victory is well-within striking distance. But there are still those who resist the inevitable, including the conquering of the Church of Rome.

What has happened with Dr. Rekers is proof positive that we are on the winning side of history. Sex is such a powerful impulse that those who attempt to suppress it or deny its power fall victims to lust.

I would encourage activists to continue working to overthrow the conservative movement. Also to work to bring down other conservatives through seduction. When a homophobe finally experiences the joys of forbidden sex, he or she is converted to our cause. I have personally witnessed men who were ardently anti-gay converted instantly after tasting the joys of gay sex.

We will conquer.

SisterTemptation said...

Everyone knows I'm right. Conservatives are gradually losing their will to fight. Many secretly harbor a hidden desire to come over to our side. And when they do, they are converted. You can feel them losing steam. But our victory must be complete. It's not enough to achieve legislative victories. We must work for total conversion of our society.

It's the dawn of a New Age. We will see the day when Christian churches embrace gay marriage and churches teach their children not only to respect gays and lesbians but to try the lifestyle for themselves.

allan fitzmaurice said...

Oh Man!