Saturday, February 9, 2008

MassResistance Fundraising Update

For two days, they changed the date on the website but didn't change any of the content. However, yesterday they changed the date, added somemore hate rants AND updated their fundraising tally. Drum roll please:


Wow, that's a whole $4,050 since last week. The way they're raising money, they should have enough money to buy new video camera and still have money left over to have Brian's trenchcoat cleaned.
Note: The picture at the right is from Boston Magazine and was printed with the article "Looking for Mr. Right", how ironic is that! Was it taken during his Sporters days?


KeepRight said...

Hey Bud, you should have posted a link to the full article:

It's actually quite interesting with the contrast between the "entertainer" type conservatives of the Carr/Severin vein and the grass-roots type like our pal Brian.

It's interesting to note that Brian kept calling the writer to make sure that he wasn't coming off in the wrong way. I guess that appearance on the Daily Show made him realize that people do/will lampoon him. Poor thing *SIGH* **DEEP BREATH**


bostonph said...

My favroite quote:

“Nobody is gay,” Camenker says as he eats. “They’re heterosexuals with homosexual issues. Are they bisexual? Transgender? S&M?…I know people who have left the homosexual lifestyle, who got married and had kids and moved on.”

Which raises the question: why do you care so much Mr. Camenker?

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

I wanted to request you do a deconstruct of this article found on MassResistance:

There is a lot said, and a lot to work with here. Many lies, and shadings of the truth make it perfect to show people just how malicious and evil this group is.

Get in touch with me and let me know if you want to do this and if you want to collaborate.

Keep up the great work, we're all very thankful for the spotlight on this rat nest.

Pat Gozemba said...

"Rat nest." John got it right. That Camenker can raise any money at all to engage in his work amazes me. Currently he is attacking PFLAG for donating Courting Equality to GSAs and high school libraries. Can he and david parker keep the truth out of schools forever? Fortunately the courts are on our side. Freedom of information.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Inclusion, not favoritism, is what should be taught. Our lives and families are just as valid as the next, and just as deserving of mention. To deliborately disinclude the GLBT brings with it the premiss that we are not OK. While it is everyobody's right to find their own opinions, it is the public school's responsibility to provide a non-biased enviornment for children to develope principles in.

Mind you, I said principles and not morals. I think it is in the ability of someone who disagrees with our lifestyle to still be able to conduct themselves respectfully around those who have differences of opinion. Being good neighbors does not mean we have to see eye to eye on all subjects. People like Parker and Camenker don't want the public to see that truth.