Monday, November 16, 2009

Miss Ladyfingers U.S.A

By now everyone knows that the former Miss California U.S.A Carrie Prejean has not only posed nude for photos but has, at last count, 7 "solo videos" of herself. I went onto the National Organization for Marriage to see what their latest press release would say about this HOT news but I couldn't find one, however, doing a little research on their site I did find these tidbits, enjoy!

(Princeton, NJ) - Today, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) issued the following statement in response to the firing Miss California USA Carrie Prejean: "Hollywood hates Carrie. First they abuse her, then they try to get her to recant, then they threw mud, and now they are doing what they wanted to do from day one: Get rid of Carrie.

This cover story about a contract dispute doesn’t pass the smell test. Americans aren’t fooled that easily. God knows, and we know, the truth about Carrie: She’s a young woman of great beauty who chose truth over the glittering tiara that Hollywood offers," said Brian Brown, Executive Director for NOM. "Of course they will try to punish her, but we know she will be fine in the end, because her values are in the right place."

"Hollywood will dance its tribal war dance over her body--the hatred generated against her has been extraordinary--but Carrie will be free to define her own mission and message from now on. Congratulations," stated Maggie Gallagher, President for NOM.

Yes, Maggie, you're right, she is defining her own mission.

THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MARRIAGE RESPONDS TO THE MISS CALIFORNIA USA PAGEANT’S CRITICISM OF CARRIE PREJEAN: Maggie Gallagher: “Many people are revealing their core character and convictions in a very public way in this incident. Carrie Prejean is one who comes out shining. I'm proud of her. Americans are proud of her. God bless her."

Shining Maggie? Have YOU seen the videos? Hmmm...

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Fiddler said...

OMG. Did you see this?

"Fistgate: Original Audio Cassettes Still Available!

The original cassettes distributed in 2000 by Massachusetts News,
and later by Parents' Rights Coalition (now MassResistance).

Collector's item. Limited quantity still available! Get yours for a donation of $100! Makes a great Christmas gift for the liberals in your family!

Send your order to PO Box 1612, Waltham, MA 02454 today!"

They're selling 10-year-old cassette tapes...cassette tapes...for $100??? How many people even still have a tape deck? Desperation, thy name is MassResistance.