Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MassResistance in the News...well, not the REAL news...

While I haven't been posting that much recently, I have been keeping an eye on the goings on over at that nationally recognized hate group MassResistance. The truth is that the public has really seen how whacked out they are and that the people in Massachusetts don't give them any mind, if they even know who they are.

So I've decided to start posting the news articles that feature MassResistance, there aren't that many and most of them are usually on some little know website like OneNewsNow (who is that you might ask?), that wbsite is affiliated with the AFA (American Family Association), but then again, the majority of people have never even heard of OneNewsNow either:

From the WorldNutDaily:

Critics fear Kagan would use bench to promote 'gays'

Mass Resistance contends, "Kagan's record while dean of Harvard Law School demonstrates her agreement with the goals of the radical ["gay," lesbian, bisexual and transgender] movement and her solidarity with those activists."

"Kagan's celebration and active promotion of the radical homosexualist and transgender worldview has profound implications," the group argues. "As a Supreme Court Justice, she could be expected to overturn traditional law and understandings of family, marriage, military order and even our God-given sex (what transgender radicals call "gender identity or expression"). She is a most dangerous nominee who must be opposed by all who care about religious freedom, the preservation of marriage and traditional values."

From LifeSiteNews:

10-Year-Old Boy Used as Grand Marshal of Arkansas Homosexual Fest

Brian Camenker, the leader of MassResistance, a pro-family group in Massachusetts, told that saying Phillips is being "indoctrinated" is "not a strong enough word."

"They are taking these kids who are in a very vulnerable and formative time in their lives, and basically telling them they're gay or what have you," he said, adding that "the kinds of things that go on in these parades ... are just really gross and hideous."

"Transexual, S&M, they're getting more into young kids," he said.

Camenker related the story of a MassResistance volunteer whose daughter similarly drew media attention when, after being pressured by the gay-straight alliance at her high school, declared that "she's a lesbian, hates her mother and father, [and] has this lesbian girlfriend."

"The gay newspapers of course wrote it up, because she was involved with us, and they were inviting her to be involved with the gay pride parade ... even the Boston Globe called her up to interview her," he said. Things changed, however, when the girl's mother removed her from the school and sent her to an out-of-state Christian school.

The girl is now preparing to marry her male fiancé in August, and, according to Camenker, dismisses her youthful flirtation with lesbianism.

"She wasn't lesbian any more than I was a lesbian," he said. "I think that happens with a lot of kids. So this is really dangerous."

Hmmm...not really sure what Brian meant by that last comment.

I guess they were also on NPR, I didn't hear them but my husband told me about it. Apparently, have them on NPR only increased their "cringe quotient" as everything MassResistance said on the air was crazy.

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blindmonkey said...

Thanks for posting that stuff about Kagan. I can't believe they would even consider someone with her agenda as a judge. She's coming into this worse than Margaret Marshall with her bias as Mass. supreme court leader.
Thanks for the link to WND. Looks like the Mass Resistance folks did their homework!