Friday, August 6, 2010

MassResistance Successes

It's been a banner year for MassResistance.

    • Successfully got a Tea Party Rally in Lexington, MA cancelled because the other speakers didn't want to be associated with a nationally recognized hate group.
    • Put together a "Report" on Elena Kagan that will ensure that she will not be confirmed as a justice on the United States Supreme Court. The reports writers: Amy Contrada, Brian Camenker WITH Peter LaBarbera. This "report" was picked up by all the leading news organizations like One News Now and Life Style News. It's a page turner!
    • Successfully still provides a link to oust Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings two years after his appointment. (How's that petition working out for ya?)
    • Successfully held onto the title of Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for the 3rd year in a row!

The rest of the year looks like it is going to be even more successful too. MassResistance just posted about a write-in candidate for Governor and Lt. Governor. The biggest laugh in their story was this tidbit:

And Davis could actually win it!

And if Davis should receive MORE votes than Tisei, he would replace him and appear on the ballot in the November general election. This has actually happened twice in Massachusetts in recent years -- a write-in candidate beat a ballot candidate in a primary in state rep races, and both times that candidate went on to became the state rep. So this adds a level of excitement.

As the late Paul Harvey would say "And now for the rest of the story..." The two people that were write-ins and won were PRO marriage equality candidates. One of the two, Carl Sciortino, has been on MassResistance's radar ever since he got elected. MassResistance even tried to get his opponent elected and successfully failed BIG time.

Here's a toast to MassResistance to keep it going. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts needs you, and you make our jobs so much easier!


massmarrier said...

Big yucks. Thanks. The duo seems to believe their hype. Repetition is truly the soul of stupidity.

The one success they don't seem to claim is how their lies have insinuated themselves into anti-gay lingo. I saw an MSNBC piece on Perry only to hear the hate-y lady repeat the MR style horrors of SSM in MA. She did the David Parker's kids were forced to read gay sexually oriented books and fundy parents weren't allowed to practice their religion. Oh, and she did the Catholic Charities was forced to stop offering adoptions. Each and all of those are abject and often disproved MR lies, but nothing keeps NOM and other plug uglies from parroting them.

We're like to wait a long, long time for the kiddies at MR to show any honesty, honor or morality.

Thanks for keeping tabs and reminding us.


KeepRight said...

Breaking news from mASSresistance!

SCOTT LIVELY will be their write-in candidate to oppose Charlie Baker in the Republican primary!