Saturday, December 29, 2007

Brian Camenker: State Legislator!?!

Maybe from the State of Lunacy!

As I was scanning the anti-gay stories around the country when I came upon this item about Willard Romney and same sex marriage in Massachusetts. The story itself wasn't surprising except for this one section:

But former state legislator Brian Camenker claims that Romney's moves during the period leading up to the May 17 implementation of the court's order actually helped grease the skids for gay marriage in the Bay State.

The November 2003 Massachusetts high court ruling said that the rights and privileges of marriage had to be applied to everyone -- including same-sex couples -- under the state constitution. It gave the Massachusetts Legislature 180 days to act on a homosexual marriage law.

By April 2004, lawmakers had not acted. But Romney had. Camenker said not only had the governor ordered JPs to perform gay marriages, but he also issued new marriage certificates that replaced the titles "husband" and "wife" with "Party A" and "Party B."

"The legislature never acted. He didn't have to do anything," said Camenker, who is currently president of MassResistance, a suburban Boston-based anti-gay marriage group. "Romney was a major force in creating same-sex marriage."

Now anyone reading this outside of Massachusetts would think that Brian Camenker was a legislator in Massachusetts during Romney's reign. It appears that MassResistance can't get anyone to read anything they write so they are resorting to lying to embellish their stories. If anyone has any proof that Brian Camenker was in fact a State Legislator in ANY state in the United States, please email it to me. I've looked high and low and couldn't find a thing (you would think that the Parent's Right Coalition/Article 8 Alliance/MassResistance would have certainly used that tidbit for some kind of legitimacy) if it was true.

So who is fabricating his credentials CNS or MassResistance?

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massmarrier said...

ROTF. I'm betting that this is a back formation from Lil Bri's constant claims about "my law." Even though he can't get the local school boards and state officials to dance to his nasty, tinny "parents' notification" jig, he can't stop claiming he passed a law. I can easily see a winger reading about this repeatedly on the MR site and blog, only to extrapolate from it.

Great catch!

This is another sad, strange little man trying to revisit his one perceived moment. Lackaday.