Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jan to June 2007 in Review

Well, it's the end of the year and I thought I'd look through the threats and whines that MassResistance has been posting this past year and let you all reflect on their hatred:

  • While both Brian and Amy were against the MFI Amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution, they were overjoyed that it was a setback for the LGBT community when the Mass legislature narrowly approved it on the first vote of the Constitutional Convention.

  • Brian Camenker starts his attacks on Presidential Candidate Willard Romney with load of references from newspapers Brian himself abhors. Romney counters with a few known facts that irks Brian.

  • A week after the backslapping, Amy and Brian realize that they have no friendly contacts in the Massachusetts Statehouse now that anti-gay Reps Marie Parente and Emile Goguen are gone yet somehow they still think that the bills they submitted will get passed.

  • Conservatives come out against MassResistance and their craziness.

  • A Federal judge dismisses the lawsuit that MassResistance's favorite Mad Dad, David Parker, brings against the Lexington school system. MassResistance goes nutty (I guess I could say they are just acting as usual).

  • MassResistance gets upset because students visiting the Statehouse hold mock hearing and fake bills. They wonder who is putting these ideas in the kids heads when they have been writing about it years earlier.

  • MassResistance, with camera in tow, starts photographing the new Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth yet Amy runs from the room when her picture is snapped.

  • Bay Windows exposes the financial dealings of MassResistance and we find out that most of the money goes to Brian and Amy.

  • MassResistance starts a "Day of Defiance" and tries to make it appear that it is a high school grassroots organization. It turns out to be "Day of the Dud" More lies and deception.

  • MassResistance concocts some story about Governor Patrick not attending the Youth Pride March because of the MassResistance supports. We half expected them to credit their group for having the sun rise in the morning.

  • Amy photographs and harasses youth at the Youth Pride march in Boston. Asks about "cum vomit" and equates gay people to pedophiles.

  • WTTT drops Brian and Amy from their weekend radio lineup. No one knows why since MassResistance actually had to pay WTTT to put their drivel on the air although Brian thinks it's because of Romney.

  • At a hearing at the Statehouse, Brian Camenker denies that gays and lesbians were killed during the Holocaust.

  • A Holocaust survivor was very upset that Brian was hijacking, was misappropriating his good name to get behind something he does not agree with.

  • Massachusetts legislators who Brian claimed supported his bills drop like flies. Know Thy Neighbor did all the reporting about legislators who's named were attached and never even signed on.

  • June 14, 2007, the Massachusetts Legislature DEFEATS the MFI amendment. MassResistance points fingers at Vote On Marriage for not going far enough with the amendment.

  • MassResistance blames it's followers for the defeat of the Marriage Amendment. "If you allow this, then YOU deserve whatever happens."


Fiddler said...

"If you allow this, then YOU deserve whatever happens."

I'd agree with this. This commonwealth deserves all those darn happily married couples and all the tourist revenue the weddings have brought in, don't you think?

Pam Spaulding said...

Great round up (both parts). I just can't imagine how these two raise enough money to continue their lunacy, particularly after the outrageous treatment of Amy's daughter.

Keep up the great work!