Monday, April 6, 2009

MassResistance's Legislative Delusions Continue

MassResistance has been posting some real oddball stuff lately but this takes the cake. They've always been a far off fringe group however only now are just beginning to realize it:
We believe that this is the year that the outrage of parents and citizens will finally boil over. Maybe it's the David Parker case, (which has lost on every level it's been appealed to even the Supreme Court who refused to hear it) maybe it's the economy (yeah, you're losing your retirement, but dammit, those gay shouldn't be getting married), maybe it's the enormous public money given to homosexual activists and other special interests in the schools and everywhere else (yeah, the homosexuals are rolling around naked in all that dough, we're all over Wall Street you know and I'm sure Scott Lively will be writing a new book on how the homosexuals are responsible for the Bush Depression). The Legislature is finally going to feel the wrath of our side. (This is great, I can't wait to see this happen, Hey Brian, still gathering those signatures to repeal State laws?) We've made sure that there are some good bills to clean things up. (OK, how many State Legislators are going to sign onto a bill by a nationally recognized hate group,...anyone...?)

Their whole list of "good bills" reads like a Dick and Jane novel: This bill good, their bill bad and they are still beating that Mad Dad Parker issue to death. Nobody cares. I'd recommend Mad Dad Parker spent less time in State court and more time on a basketball or squash court.

MassResistance also is touting that they are one of 22 "pro-family" groups confronting the Day of Silence. Who are these other "pro-family" groups (lucky for them they can't be put in jail for misrepresentation) Take a gander:
Abiding Truth Ministries
American Family Association
AFA Michigan
AFA Pennsylvania
Americans for Truth
Association of Maryland Families
Campaign for Children and Families
Citizens for Community Values
Coalition of Conscience
Community Issues Council
Concerned Women for America
CWA of Washington
Culture Campaign
Faith2ActionFaith, Family & Freedom Alliance
Illinois Family Institute
Indiana Voice
Liberty Alliance Action
Liberty Counsel
Maine Family Policy Council
Mission: America

Just the same list of losers sucking on the anti-gay teat. Most of these organizations are just like MassResistance too, one person operations with a big names to give the appearance that they're legit.

I still trying to figure out why Brian updated his website today and still hasn't addressed the unanimous decision by the Iowa Supreme Court. Even Th Peter got something up on Friday.

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