Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How Long Till MassResistance Blames It on the Transgender Community?

My husband just mentioned to me that he had heard on the radio that the T-driver in last week's Green Line accident is transgender. Why that is even an issue or has anything to do with the accident is beyond me.

Aiden Quinn should be fired from the MBTA if it is determined that he was using his phone to send text messages while driving, end of story.

However, we figured we'd start a countdown to see how long it would take MassResistance to blame the accident on the transgendered community... gays, lesbians, the Acton police, Governor Deval Patrick, President Barak Obama and MSNBC.

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Ambivorous said...

While I don't know why it was reported at all, I have to say that the major Boston media treated Aiden Quinn's transgender status in a dignified manner.

That said, he needs to get fired, because stupid knows no gender.