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MassResistance Once Again Comes Through

Just as I expected, MassResistance sent out a blast email to their supports about the MBTA accident last week. They probably haven't put it up on their website because they know that the only people who go on it are us. (Count the number of quotation marks):

More MA State-Sponsored Stupidity:

State sponsored madness: Subway driver who caused huge crash is "transgender" (1). Was "affirmative action" (2) hire because of transgender is now considered a minority by MBTA!

Last Friday afternoon nearly 50 people were injured and $10 million in damages when a subway train beneath downtown Boston crashed into another train that was stopped. The driver later admitted texting "his"(3) girlfriend at the time of the crash and not paying attention.

Used Mass. DMV to change sex on IDs

Now we know that "he"(4) is a "transgender" (5) female who recently used the Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles' (RMV) new transgender policy to have her official driver's license changed from female to male. The subway driver, identified as Aiden Carter Quinn, was known as Georgia Anne Quinn until recently.

And ABC News has reported that despite Quinn's bad driving record, including several tickets, she was an affirmative-action hire because of being a transgender! As wrote:

Quinn was originally hired as a part-time driver by the MBTA under the name Georgia Anne Quinn. In 2007 he was hired for a full-time position from a lottery of minority candidates. He was granted minority status as a self-described "female-to-male transgender," two sources told ABC News. Quinn lists his sexual orientation as "FTM."

"[Quinn] was initially hired as a minority and used her transgender status,'' an MBTA source said.

There is also speculation (see Howie Carr's article, below) that Quinn's hormone treatments to "become" (6) a man may have had a role in the accident. According to news reports, Quinn has refused to meet with National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators to discuss any of this. What a surprise!

You can't make this stuff up. This is where our public officials are taking us.

Down the slippery slope

It was MassResistance that broke the story nationwide last January that the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles now allows people to change their sex on official IDs practically at will.

Where did this absurd transgender minority policy in the MBTA come from? As we've reported for years, MBTA General Manager Dan Grabauskas, who is publicly homosexual, has pushed the homosexual and transgender agenda in state government at the various agencies he has run. When he ran the RMV under Gov. Cellucci, he began the transgender policy there that led to the current one.

It started with unusual affirmative action

A person we talked to with long-time connections to the MBTA said that the T has probably the most hard-nosed affirmative action program in the country, with aggressive quotas for "diverse" (7) types of people, rather than simply by race. This policy goes back to the Dukakis administration. "Transgender"(8) appears to be the latest of that type of diversity, under Grabauskas. He added that it's well known that as the MBTA stopped hiring on the basis of skill and merit, the rate of accidents has multiplied many times. It certainly seems that way, from what we've all seen over the last few years.

Interesting news reports

(It's bizarre that all of the news articles we've seen on this refer to Quinn as "he"(9) even though she is biologically, and DNA-wise, completely a female!)

On Tuesday the Herald picked up on how easy (and weird) it now is to change your sex on official IDs at the RMV:

Sex change a simple switch at RMV
By Dave Wedge, Boston Herald
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The alleged text-messaging trolley driver who recently switched his gender from female to male on his driver's license is just one of many motorists who fill out a simple form to make the change official in the eyes of the government.

Registry of Motor Vehicles rules allow motorists to change their gender based only on sworn statements from the license holder and their physician.

"There are forms, an affidavit, that you have to have your medical provider fill out," RMV spokeswoman Anne Dufresne said.

RMV regulations, though, specifically state: "You do not need to provide proof of sex reassignment surgery, an amended birth certificate or proof of a court-approved name change."

Dufresne said rules have been in place for about 10 years allowing "gender designation changes" on Massachusetts driver's licenses, which occur at a rate of one application a month. The rules were updated earlier this year to require a sworn affidavit from a doctor.
[MassResistance note: This is misleading. Actually it was made much easier, not harder. For example, a doctor is NOT required to be involved, just an undefined "medical provider."(10)]

T driver Aiden Quinn, who was allegedly text-messaging when he crashed a Green Line trolley during rush hour Friday, was formerly known as Georgia Quinn but changed his gender designation April 21, Dufresne said.

The change allowed the RMV to merge the driving records of Georgia and Aiden Quinn, to accurately reflect his complete history.

Aiden Carter Quinn. Does this look like a man to you . . . or a woman with short hair?

One Herald reader posted the comment: "MBTA = Massachusetts Bay Transgender Authority. Who knew?"

Other pertinent articles:

Herald columnist Howie Carr: "He or she, T driver is a dolt."
You can't miss this one. Howie doesn't pull any punches here.

Boston Globe, "T crash puts spotlight on hiring criteria"
The politically correct version of the news. The Globe nearly buries the transgender issue by casually mentioning it at the end. And all the readers' comments have mysteriously disappeared!

So it didn't take long at all for them to "connect the dots" as Brian Camenker has said for MassResistance to link the crash to transgender hormone treats. Maybe the State could save some money by hiring MassResistance to use his power of perception to judge every case in court and under investigation since Brian can "just look at a photo of someone" and tell if they're a man or a woman, DNA wise that is. Oh, apparently they can also tell if they are on hormone therapy too. There's no proof that the T driver was hired under an affirmation action policy but having no proof has never stopped MassResistance from slinging accusations.

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