Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ms. MassResistance Herself Has a Book on Amazon!

Yup, Amy Contrada's book "Mitt Romney's Deception" can be brought electronically via Amazon's website. Funny enough, the MassResistance blog touts it as "A Hard Hitting Book on Mitt Romney's Pro-Homosexual Record while Governor of Massachusetts". I'm guessing she
leaves all the supposed meeting MassResistance had with Governor Romney?

The only thing funnier that this BS on are the four "reviews". One is from Linda Harvey (enough said), two are 5 stars and one is obviously from a Mitt Romney supporter. Amy even gets into the review act by commenting on the Romney supporters' review. Too funny.

I can't figure out why anyone would buy this drivel when you can head over to the anti-gay hate group's website and read it online there.

Amy even has her own website with a picture of a drag queen as retired Chief
justice of the Massachusetts SJC!

UPDATE March 14: The link to the Amazon page with the "Mitt Romney Deception" has been removed and the "book" is now on another page without any reviews...interesting...I wonder what happened? I wonder how many people found out that Amy was commenting on her own reviews?



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bam2066 said...

I be thinkin' that Amy's book ain't on the NYT Best-Seller list! (And never will be!)