Monday, February 12, 2007

Homosexual Activists Unite!

Hi all, I haven't posted in a bit but I didn't want to go longer than a week without putting anything up. I haven't been posting because quite frankly Massresistance/Article 8 are just getting more and more irrelevant. Her latest rant is about why she doesn't allow comments and then says we don't believe in free speech or in a polite exchange of ideas (I still question how you can be polite to people who want to take any your civil rights)

Be that as it may, I do allow comments on this blog and I do offer you a place to refute the lies and propaganda that the hate mongers post. We do believe in free speech.

Go at it!


Marcie said...

She seems to be a big fan of Porno Pete. If you don't know who he is, he's a big fan of the gay leather community (and he has a big stash of gay porno magazines). He dresses in leather and goes to the gay leather functions and takes pictures, kinda like what Brian does but in leather. I guess all of these homophobes love to watch.

Boo said...

But... but... aren't you afraid someone's going to break into your house and write on your dusty, dusty furniture?

Anonymous said...

I agree, because we all know that if that happens it will be the anti-homosexual activists. Who else could it be? There is no one else who robs houses is there? Who else would breaks into a house (were the doors unlocked?) not take anything and write (where their fingerprints could be discovered)on a really, really dusty table. And disturbs the cats? Actually, that does sound like the anti-homosexual activists since by their own admission, their house is filthy, inch high dust!

Richard W. Lewis, Sr. said...

Amy Mann meets the real world.

If she allows comments she knows that they will all be negative except for the anonymous ones that she and Camenker put up.

This would then reveal the truth that she is just a fringe element nut job with no life.
Since she has poured her heart and soul into bringing harm to her fellow citizens who happen to be gay she would be devestated to realize she has piddled away her life to no avail. All that wasted effort could have gone into feeding the hungry children of Massachusetts. Yup, that would be the kids generated by her breeder buds.

Adam Kautz said...

guys this blog clearly violates the terms of use. One of the regulations is that bloggers may not use their blog to promote hate speech, or language to intimidate or smear other people. Their terms of use cover all people including lgbt people and race, religion. If we all sent an e-mail to the owners of blogger these people would delete massresistance's account. I know this was who people like me got Stacy Harp and DL Foster banned from blogger. We sent these people e-mails with the link to the site just so they themselves could see the vile hatred these people were spreading. Often with as many blogs that blogger hosts the owners can't possibly monitor all of them that is why when violations like what massresistance posts occur it is our duty to let the people in charge know and not allow massresistance to use a free service to promote their hate. Remember on all non-govenment websites their is no such thing as free speech. Your ISP can ban you from using the internet if they believe you are using them to promote hate speech.