Sunday, February 18, 2007

Say Anything!

Ex-Massachusetts Governor Willard Romney was on ABC's This Week. From his appearance this morning we learn from him that same sex couples marrying is worse than abortion.

In another effort to pander to the religious right (although I can't see how these issues help him with the stance he has) he believes that the issue of abortion, (which he would not define as murder) which he says is the "taking of a life", should be left up to the states. He says he doesn't want to impose his beliefs on the country.

Then in the next breath he says he believes in a federal amendment to ban equal marriage, screw states rights on this issue.

So Mitt, why won't you come out and explain why same sex couples marrying is so important it requires a federal constitutional amendment yet something you believe is the "taking of a life" is OK if a state allows it?

Oh yeah, gotta love that he joins the NRA in August right before he decides to enter the race for the Presidency.

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