Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm an Informed Conservative

That is according to Massresistance/Article 8. Brian and Amy put up a little "quiz", a 20 question multiple choice exam on Mitt Romney. I must admit that while the content is good (it's nothing that hasn't already been published in the Massachusetts' newspapers or on Blue Mass Group) the execution is poor. Just look at their scoring system:

19-20 Informed Conservative
14-18 National Review Subscriber
8-13 RINO
0-7 Pro-Romney blogger

I guess they're trying to squeeze out a few more minutes of fame (and failing big time at satire). After all its been over two (or is it three) weeks since they were supposed to put out their 2nd "big" report on Romney. (What else can they say that hasn't already been reported?)

If you're eagerly awaiting their next "Romney scoop" you'll just have to wait since they are too busy snaping pictures of students.

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