Saturday, November 10, 2007


MassResistance is loving that the Amy's daughter's appearance in "The Laramie Project" has legs because they're ones, Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada, who are keeping it alive. Just read their latest awful attack on this young woman.

In Amy's latest post she attacks and threatens Bay Windows for reporting online what was found on the school's website about the play. She also accuses the blog QueerToday of posting lies.

They are attacking everyone for "damaging an Acton youth" when Brian and Amy are the ones making public intimate details of this young woman's life even going so far as posting pictures of her bedroom! Have they no shame?

Everything I've seen written on the web about this young woman, with the exception of the MassResistance Website and blog, has been supportive and caring.


bostonph said...

Not surprisingly Amy Contrada's rant is based on a lie. She claims Bay Windows is trying to expunge their 27 September article:

They have tried to scrub from the web two articles where they piled on in the attack on this family, and even published the child's name, working with an accomplice blog, QueerToday. But MassResistance has saved these articles, and will preserve them for posterity. (They've told at least one person over the phone that they never published the Sept. 27 article!)

In fact, not only is it still up, they published piece a summary along with the hate mail MassResistance has been sending in response:

Debasing Amy
Editor’s note: On Sept. 27 Bay Windows published a news item on that the daughter of MassResistance anti-gay activist Amy Contrada is performing in The Laramie Project at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. MassResistance has denounced the school for choosing to put on The Laramie Project, a play about the aftermath of the murder of Matthew Shepard, and has organized a forum Oct. 3 in Acton to protest the play. After Bay Windows published the item, MassResistance sent out an email alert to its members accusing Bay Windows of "attacking a mother and her vulnerable high-school-age adopted daughter in a particularly vicious way" and asking members to write to Bay Windows in protest of the decision to publish the news about Contrada’s daughter. You can read some of what we received below.

Go to hell
sirs? If you want to suck one, go to hell. Oh I forgot you already have reservations, Never mind.
Lawrence Jewett
Via email

There are a ton more. I just took the first one.

On another note, as much as I think Mark Snyder is a bit of a charlatan, the paragraph they're using to smear him is entirely fabricated.

Jane Know said...

Wow. That link you posted with Amy's attempt to refute the entire Claudia coming-out story is so desparate and ignorant-sounding.

Do people actually believe that load of crap?

CrackerLilo said...


That poor child!

It's oh so easy to see who's really doing the "exploiting" here. I hope she has somewhere else to go, *soon*.

SteveK said...

Amy Contrada must be one sick, perverted, hate-filled woman to be attacking her own daughter in this way. When you adopt a kid you have to accept them for who they are, just as you would with a biological child.

Claudia's coming out interview with Mark Snyder sounded totally genuine, so I think her mother is the liar. Amy seems to have a problem with recognizing the truth and accepting it. I hope Claudia can find peace and happiness when she grows up.

theAguy said...

Boy does Ami have a lot of time on her hands.

Her latest post involves something she found on Craig's lsit for people in Cleveland.

Does this woman do anything but troll the internet for everything gay?

Still no radio show. Their blog says they are preparing to return to a new radio station. What is there to prepare?

John Hosty said...

Have they been kicked out of another station? How many does that make now?