Saturday, November 17, 2007

Still No New MassResistance Radio Show

People have been emailing and writing comments on this blog wondering why Brian and Amy haven't gotten another radio show on another radio station. For the past two weeks they have been teasing us with taunts such as "We will be on this weekend on a new POWERFUL station" and then nothing.

Now they're doing more teasing:

While we're preparing to move to our new station,

MassResistance radio is moving to a new, more powerful station!

Get ready to tune in Saturday mornings 9:00 am to 10:00 am. starting again next week (at least that's the plan).

Which begs the question "What do they have to do to prepare?". You would think they would have at least been on the radio a few weeks ago when their partners in thought, Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church, were in town. I was expecting to hear their interview with Fred's daughter who shares Brian and Amy's view of gay people, but no.

They were probably too busy airing intimidate details on the web about Amy's daughter. Or was it time consuming attacking the people in the Acton-Boxborough area for supporting the student's efforts in putting on a play. Could it be because they were threatening the Roche Brother's Supermarkets? Maybe it was because they were consumed with going after Bay Windows for the umpteenth time?

There is talk that after their latest kerfuffle with "The Laramie Project" at Acton Boxborough High School, they had done themselves in. People finally saw them for what they really are, hate obsessed nuts. Of course, I knew that a long long time ago.

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