Monday, November 5, 2007

When Quotation Marks Go Wild!

I was going to write about how Brian and Amy are now attacking the majority of people of Acton and Boxborough over "The Laramie Project". You see these people had the audacity to actually have an opinion and the nerve to write a letter to local newspaper responding to the hateful rant that Amy Contrada got published the week before. But after reading the title of the piece I was just bowled over with laughter. Take a look:

Local Acton "liberals" step up the venom - intimidation campaign against critics of "Laramie Project."
Now it used to be that Brian and Amy only used the "" (quotes) when they were referring to gay people (the "homosexual" activists) or same sex couples marrying (the two men "married")because for some reason it they don't believe either homosexuals or gay marriage exists. But now they've taken it to a whole new level as evidenced from the title above. Are they saying that the liberals aren't really liberals?

And the quotes continue with their comments on the citizen's letters:

This woman takes another standard approach to demean critics. This is the "gentler" way of twisting what the article actually said and mixing in bogus "facts", with a dash of sanctimonious jabs at morality and religious belief.
And of course, there's the lesbian activist "observing" that, thank goodness, these ignorant critics of this wonderful play are just a small minority -- hurtful, extremists. And won't it be great when we all embrace homosexuality and we can put all these controversies behind us?

I paused to imagine what their home life was like:
Brian: Dear, I'm going to the "bathroom" do we have "enough" toilet paper?

Amy: Does anyone want to make"lunch" or should I take the "car" and "drive" to the "store" and "pick" something up?
I can picture them using air quotes on the radio too. They must have HUGE forearms!


Molly said...

I liked this from their most recent blog post:

"This includes quotes from a book by a homosexual M.D. on just a few of the serious effects of anal sex."

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that unprotected anal sex is dangerous for ANYBODY, not just gay guys. I really don't get why they're so obsessed with anal sex, since I know plenty of gay guys and even more lesbians who just aren't interested in the concept.

I mean, a couple posts before that, they quoted Peter LaBarbera as saying that heterosexuality wasn't contributing to the spread of HIV/AIDS, risky behavior was.

And yet, they can't see that that's the EXACT SAME THING we've been saying for how long now? It's not sexual orientation that causes the spread of disease, it's risky sexual behavior.

MArcie said...

Massresistance and Porno Pete are also more obsessed with "gay male" sex than "gay women" sex. When was the last time they talked about the "dangerous" lesbian sexual liasons? You'd think with Amy having a "gay" daughter she'd be "boneing" up on that information instead she's more interested in gay boys. Maybe Brian is now writing under the AMann name?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that "Amy Contrada" has finally COME OUT!? She's no longer "Amy from our back office", but actually allows Brian to use her REAL last name!? What of her nom d'plume "AMann" (by the way, a quick internet search shows that Mann is just her maiden name...what a creative and clever "woman" that "Amy" is!)

You still have to wonder why this vicious nasty hate-filled "woman" named "Amy Contrada" allowed her "daughter" to participate in "The Laramie Project". "Amy" we know you read this blog, please...let us know, why "DID" you let your daughter participate?

Methinks this recent "publicity" will send "Amy Contrada" back into the "Amy from the back office" closet!

theAguy said...

Have you also noticed that every political candidate that Brian pushes is usually a nut job who is never in contention for the office.

Recently he backed a candiadtae from martin Meehan's seat who had no connection to the district and lived 50 miles away in Brockton.

I can't remeber his name but i do know he didn't even get 1% of the vote.

In today's Boston City Council who is discribed as a former newspaper deliveryman. If this is what he lists as his occupation I can only assume he is unemployed. I realize newspaper circulation is down but how does one losse their job as a paper boy?

I gaurantee this guy named David James Wyatt finishes dead last. Way to pick a winner Brian.

belledame222 said...

unprotected anal sex is dangerous for ANYBODY, not just gay guys.

don't be ridiculous; het couples don't do THAT. as for lesbians who do penetration or, well, anything...