Sunday, February 8, 2009

Did Ya Hear about the $5.00 Cheaper Meal?

OK, it's been a week and a day since the most powerful MassResistance Fundraising Banquet ever with the $5.00 cheaper MEAL and MassResistance, aka, Brian Camenker, still hasn't posted anything about it! He, I mean they, were supposed to unveil the plans for winning the culture war in Massachusetts State House (Brian did ya get the memo that the new Speaker of the House is FOR Marriage Equality?)

Nevertheless, they did find time to post these jewels:

First, ensuring themselves another spot on the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Group list, MassResistance goes after a transgendered janitor who works in a school AT NIGHT! MassResistance is supposedly concerned about the children but instead they are going after a hard working person who is just trying to earn a living and pay their bills, unlike Brian Camenker who sends out emails asking people to donate and fund HIS lifestyle of hate.

MassResistance also provided the telephone numbers and email addresses of the school administrators so their lemmings can verbally and electronically harass them.

In the second bullet they once again claim success for "killing" bills by the homosexual lobby. Yeah Brian, add it to your other "successes", you know, the ones you had nothing to do with but claim victory for anyway. Oh, and if by "killing" you mean sent to a study, yeah, you killed it and when the Legislature passes them in this session how will you spin those? Like you did when you claimed you stopped money from funding the gay and lesbians programs in the state:

Successfully lobbied Legislators to sustain Gov. Romney's veto of the dangerous new independent "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" (one of only a few of his vetoes to be upheld in the Legislature), through grassroots action. Unfortunately, through subsequent arm-twisting tactics by the Speaker, it was later overturned. (July 2006)

or when you successfully got enough signatures to overturn the repeal of the anti-gay racist 1913 law:

What this Referendum means
This is a big deal. Besides eventually stopping a horrible social experiment from being forced across the country, this sends some very strong messages...
And as we said, the rest of the Boston media isn't far behind. They really don't get it. They're going to be very disappointed when we get done . . .

Keep up the good work Brian, the economy's bad, we need a good joke to laughter at.

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massminuteman said...

Brian's little amann chorus also hasn't posted since December 18. Maybe she has to work for a living for a change?