Monday, April 7, 2008

MassResistance "Successes" #18, 19 & 20

In a note to Wikipedia, Brian Camenker said:
MassResistance has done literally hundreds of things that could be mentioned. We could have a list of things a mile long.
yet they only list 23 "successes" on their website, I guess bandwidth is expensive.

Number 18:
Successfully pressured Gov. Romney to veto funding of homosexual programs in schools put in FY 2007 state budget, through national grassroots action. (July 2006)

See "Success #11", Romney, running for President, turns hard right, nothing to do with MassResistance, you get the picture.

Number 19:
Focused Gov. Romney's attention on excesses of "Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth," which caused Romney to begin process to disband it, but unfortunately he reversed his decision when pressured by GLBT activists. (May 2006)
See #18 above, Oh, and how is this a success since it was reversed? Oh, I guess it's a success because they focused Romney's attention on it!

Number 20:

Successfully lobbied Legislators to sustain Gov. Romney's veto of the dangerous new independent "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" (one of only a few of his vetoes to be upheld in the Legislature), through grassroots action. Unfortunately, through subsequent arm-twisting tactics by the Speaker, it was later overturned. (July 2006)
Now this an example of twisted logic: they successfully lobbied Legislators --> Veto supposedly upheld? --> But it was overturned. How is this a success? Could someone please explain their logic because my head hurts.

You know, after reading all the things that Romney supposedly did because of MassResistance, I'm surprised that they keep attacking him so much for not being anti-gay. But then again, these were happier times:

Such a handsome couple, it's a shame the marriage didn't work out.

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