Friday, January 14, 2011

MassResistance is Boycotting the Mainstream Media

Hahahahahahahahah, OK, I really have to get off the floor since I am laughing so hard:
What the Boston Globe (and Springfield Republican) did to Scott Lively is in our opinion only the beginning. They are clearly out to demonize and attack us, and twist our words into propaganda against us. They may have a broad First Amendment right to do these things, but we don't have to help them. Thus, MassResistance is calling on the entire pro-family and conservative movement not to grant any interviews whatsoever with them or talk to their reporters.

So how will people ever hear of them since they won't be interviewed?
This should not preclude individuals from communicating with them -- and sounding off to them. We still encourage people to write letters to the editor to the Globe, and even submit op-ed articles. You should especially feel free to contact individual reporters with feedback on their reporting.

HUH? no interviews but don't stop yourself from talking to them...? What are these people smoking?

No worries Brian. The Boston Globe stopped quoting you after MassResistance was named a Hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, remember? Even the Mass Family Institute doesn't want to be associated with you. And the last time I looked, even the Republicans in Massachusetts were cancelling their rallies if you were speaking so no worries.

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Joseph said...

I gotta say one thing in favor of Brian, Amy and their ding-dong buddy, C J Doyle: They are always good for a lot of laughs!