Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MassResistance Started the Ball Rolling...

I came upon the following from a website called "The Right Perspective" which recycles MassResistance's post about Scott Brown:

Massachusetts Republican Senator, Scott Brown, took one more step out of the RINO closet last week, when he invited a notorious gay activist, and his “life mate,” to attend the ceremony repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” legislation on gays in the military.

I guess they can't type husband, maybe they don't know how to spell it? And I guess "notorious gay activist" is same as MassResistance's "most vicious anti-family homosexual activist"

then it gets more interesting:

Many signatories of the popular legislation were attacked and harassed at their homes and work; others were threatened with being fired and shunned from local gatherings, reports MassResistance.

Lang has expanded his KnowThyNeighbor campaign to other states where efforts to put similar amendments on the ballot were conducted. He has also led many other violent attacks and instigated intimidation tactics against parents’ rights groups and churches, according to MassResistance.

Contrast that with what MassResistance originally posted:
As a result, many people who signed the marriage petition were harassed at their home and at work. People were threatened with loss of jobs. They were shunned at local gatherings. Some were attacked in newspaper articles. It was an act of intimidation on a huge scale, and was traumatic for all of us. Many people have now refuse[sic] to sign pro-family petitions at all because of this.

MassResistance appears to be making up all this stuff. Who was harassed? Who's jobs were threatened? There is at least one case where a signers of the petition physically attacked a Marriage Equality supporter.

What's this intimidation thing they speak of? MassResistance takes pride in their intimidation of GLBT people including children. For example look here, here, here, here and here.

The other issue is that these anti-bigots recycle the anti-gay stories and expand upon it without any proof. The Right Perceptive website now has people being attacked in their homes and at work because they signed the petition, BS! They also have the Knowthyneighbor founder leading violent attacks.

As no surprise the comments on this post at The Right Perspective are REALLY telling too:

Free Hal Turner says
Hal Turner sits in jail while this FAGGOT gets preferred treatment from a sitting Senator? FUCK the goddamn FAGGOT even looks like Hal.


FireFox says
Scott Brown is really a bi-sexual cocksucker who ran as an “independent”. Truth is, you cannot trust ANY of them in Congress! The whole idea of the bill putting queers, faggots and cocksuckers in the military is to destroy it! It’s that simple!

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