Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Luckily MassResistance still has the Article 8 domain!

Well, Massachusetts has a new person on Mass Supreme Judicial Court, she's a woman, a mother and just happens to be a lesbian and is MassResistance is having a conniption fit!

First it started with all their anti-gay testimony at the hearing for the new justice. Me thinks Brian Camenker is probably more upset that Sally Naumann is getting more press than his ridiculous rant trying to link Lenk to the "Falsettos" production in Concord (Remember, if given enough time he can link gay marriage to bad air quality, homelessness and any other myriad of issues plaguing Massachusetts)

Sally Naumann is probably best remembered for her "testimony" at the State House when she wanted the legislators to know that gay people were responsible for the Holocaust and waved her copy of the Pink Swastika at them. Then she wanted the Concord town to admonish the school for producing "Falsettos", we know how that turned out.

Now she's writing into the Boston Globe claiming to speak for the other bigots in Massachusetts who have yet to show their face or raise their voices:

THE GLOBE’S elitist and condescending editorial condemning my testimony at the Barbara Lenk hearing was certainly predictable (“Decision on Lenk should focus on her record, not her sexuality,’’ April 29). But I speak for countless parents across the Commonwealth. And, yes, the Governor’s Council needed to hear it.

Parents are sick and tired of the homosexual indoctrination process in the public schools, which now reaches into kindergarten with homosexual-themed story books and into middle schools with the setting up of gay-straight alliance clubs.

Lenk’s elevation to the Supreme Judicial Court would only serve to accelerate the homosexual indoctrination. Lenk prominently appeared in the homosexual-themed magazine Boston Spirit as an “openly gay’’ judge who was described as helping to “create a shift in the culture.’’ Her same-sex marriage reinforces a right invented by activist judges repudiating thousands of years of Western culture. She will be used as a new role model for schoolchildren, and we can expect more anti-family judicial activism down the road.

I testified before the council that the notion that one is born gay is a myth. But the Globe’s editorial assertion that homosexual behavior is like being black or Asian has become the party line.

We need less of this nonsense, not more of it.

How bonkers is that? It's horrible that Lenk was in a gay business magazine! HORRORS! I guess Sally thinks Lenk should be ashamed of herself and keep silent, sorry Sally, it ain't happening and is never going to happen, ever hear of Stonewall?

As for Brian, well, he still gets carried in some off beat online papers across the country like WorldNutDaily and Dakota Voice who still call him a "pro-family" activist, yeah, that IS good for a laugh. His credibility here (did he even ever have any?) is gone and he needs to rely on his small group of anti-gay activists to spout his drivel. His name will always be linked to anti-gay screeds and conspiracy theories how sad is that for a legacy?

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