Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MassResistance Takes Credit for the Sun Rising and Adds Another Success?

Well, it's possible, you see MassResistance is now taking credit for Kevin Jennings leaving his job in the Department of Education in JULY. Of course he was bound to leave his post at some point and since many people in the first term of an administration leave before their term is up, forget that! MassResistance is taking credit because their "online petition" was, I don't know, ONLY STARTED 18 MONTHS ago!
Over the past eighteen months MassResistance has waged a battle in get Congress either to have Jennings' office defunded, or have him removed. We compiled and posted a large report of Jennings' activities going back decades-- most of which MassResistance uncovered. In addition we've gathered over ten thousand signatures from across America on our online petition. And we've been communicating with various key Congressmen and their staffs, as well as other Washington DC insiders, to push this as hard as possible...
...THANK YOU to everyone across the country who signed our petition and who helped get the word out. Getting Kevin Jennings out of the Dept. of Education is a great victory for all Americans!
And who do you think is picking up their story? Why all the crazy "pro-family" "news" on the web:
I wonder what MassResistance will claim credit for now? They never even got those signatures that they said they were definitely going to get to overturn the 1913 law in Massachusetts and I believe they're still claiming they're going to be back on the radio some time soon...yeah, right!

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