Wednesday, December 6, 2006

A Challenge Grant for Challenged People

If you happen to mosey over to Massresistance aka Article 8 aka Parent's Right Coalition aka etc... you'll see that they're in fundraising mode again:

=== 3. MassResistance offered $30,000 matching challenge grant - can we do it by Dec. 31? ===
One of the attendees of the MassResistance banquet has offered us a $30,000 matching grant! To get the money, we must match it with individual donations of $100 or more!The good news is that we're now over a third of the way there!! Yes, just by word of mouth we've raised $10,295 toward that goal! But we can't let up. (And we really should raise even more than that - a lot more!)

Please help us reach this goal!! It's people like you who keep this going.

I happened to get deja vu when I was reading it and then I looked back into my posts and found this from last year:

I guess the "anonymous" donor couldn't ante up the $50,000 this year. They also seemed to have lowered the amount of the donations that will contribute to the "Challenge Grant" from $250 to $100. I guess their supporters are feeling the pinch.

Some people are also wondering if there even is an "anonymous" donor since Massresistance/Article 8 never names him or her. Don't you think they would want to be recognized for all the "good work" they're doing?

BTW, you don't hear much talk from them about "Removing the Judges" anymore. They only have less than one month left for their boy Emile Goguen to reprise his ridiculous claim.

Could that be the reason they changed their name from Article 8? I guess they were just losers from the beginning.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was wondering that also. I just got an email from GLAB and it actually names the person that is putting up the match. Additionally, Mass Equality always names the person or company who's doing the matching. What is the people who are supporting Massresistance afraid of? It mean a helluva lot if they don't want to be named. Then again, everything they do is in the dark anyway.

Anonymous said...

oops, I meant GLAD!

Anonymous said...

Maybe with all the new funds they have pouring in they can hire someone to finish there glitzy web site. Most of it has been "under construction" or "comming soon" for almost six months.

I get a big laugh when you hit the icon to go to their "Our Success"
page. A note up in the corner of the screen says, Nothing Yet!
That is the most honest thing they have ever said. I keep checking that page two or three weeks because I am dying to see what they consider a success. Maybe it is the ability to come up with a new name for your organization every year.