Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tremont Temple Baptist Church Has Been a Place for Hate

I had read over at Queer Today about an event that Governor-elect Patrick is having for high school students on January 4th. Unbelievably, the event was being held at the Tremont Temple Baptist Church, the same Tremont Temple that held the homophobic Liberty Sunday and Love Won Out Events.

I was so astounded by this news that I called the Patrick/Murray campaign headquarters and YES, they were planning to hold it there. However, the person organizing the event called me back to say that they were not aware of the past issues at the Tremont Temple and had gotten another venue for the Youth event.

Thanks to Queer Today for alerting us (and them) of this action.


Mass Marrier said...

Silly me. I thought the choice was intentional, that his group wanted to reclaim this space from the Dark Side instead of ceding it to them.

So, they just didn't know what they were doing? It seems like someone over there might have read the papers or the blogs.


Anonymous said...

You know what would have been better?

If Deval used the opportunity to make deliberately partisan political speeches, so that the "church" lost its tax exemption.

Anonymous said...

Bud, you might consider adding on your roster of blog links. MassResist posted it on their site, then, as they so often do, ripped it down. Guess they met an irresistable force...

FlyingToaster said...

It's likely that the venue was offered to Patrick/Murry, which is why the event was scheduled there.

It's unlikely that they had any staff checking venues offered; however, it's clear that they should from now on.

Tom Lang said...

Now we need to get Deval to give us a public explanation for appointing Reverend Richard Richardson as the Human Services Working Group Co-Chair.

I guess its okay to be anti-gay as long as you have something else to offer.