Saturday, March 24, 2007

Back to the Bigot Business

Do you recall when the Mass "Family" Institute issued a press release saying that the other side was being uncivil?

Newton Upper Falls - Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) today announced an initiative that seeks to build mutual respect and dialogue between those who support and those who oppose same sex marriage in Massachusetts.

Advocates for same sex marriage routinely have called supporters of the marriage amendment hateful and bigoted, while amendment supporters say they are simply following the constitutional process to have their voice heard on what they view as an important social issue.

Gee was that only 2 months ago (they issued this right around the time alleged assaulter and Camenker friend Larry Cirignano was in the news). How times change. This the latest email from MFI where we find them listing columnists who defended ignorant Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Peter Pace's remarks about the immorality of homosexual behavior (I'm sure they were doing this just for educational reasons right?

Even as this initiative beings to take shape, MFI and will continue to urge supporters of the marriage amendment to be respectful of human differences and always maintain a dialogue that affirms the dignity of every person.

If you think they are respectful and maintaining the dignity of every person then I've got a unbaised radio show for you to listen to on Saturday morning. And to think that these people still can look in the mirror and call themselves Christians.

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Ryan Charisma said...

They can look in the mirrior, but I doubt they are able to see thier reflection. Most undead can't.