Thursday, March 29, 2007

Um, Brian, You're About a Week Late with Your "Current Big Story"

Oh, Massresistance/Article 8, aka Brian & Amy are at it again. Once again they are attending meetings of the Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. Now supposedly they are not gay or lesbian nor are they youth so why are they attending? I'd guess it's because of their gay and lesbian photo fetish, after all, they did bring their cameras. Their "teaser" below the "headline" on their hate site proclaims:
"I feel I saw the face of evil last night," writes parent who observed meeting.
They are notorious for making it seem like they have all these supporters when it's usually only Brian & Amy who attends any of this stuff. Case in point, if you click on the link and enter their site of overused adjectives (chilling, horrific! frightening!) they include an incident that Queer Today and this blog talked about over a week ago only Massresistance neglects to provide details:
Trevor Wright even taunted one of the audience members after taking her photograph. He clearly wanted to send a message.
What Brian and/or Amy neglected to say was that the "audience member" was actually Amy, who ran from the room and didn't want HER picture taken. (Again, not giving a name makes it seem like there were lots of anti-gay homophobes there that night.)

They do provide a number of photos that either Brian or Amy took at the meeting. For the life of me I still don't get how they think posting pictures of attractive, happy GLBT people is going to SHOCK their viewers. We got so many compliments from the image they stole from us and posted on their website of our wedding. We are proud of who we are and no amount of their intimidation tactics or threats is going to force us back into the closet.

Today's post is brought to you by the adjectives/adverbs frightening, discouraging, effeminate, and chillingly.


Tom Lang said...

Is it true that someone from the LGBT side has filed a complaint with the AG about MassResistance taking pictures at public events where children are involved?

I have an email into Brian asking him for particulars on this.

I love the Trevor story, I for one, love fighting fire with fire or should I say "camera flash with camera flash!"

Ryan Adams said...

I was going to say, Tom, it should be illegal for them to take pictures of minors in such a situation.

Tom Lang said...

It should be, but we are talking about a public meeting. I have posted photos of minors being used by the anti-gays at our concons on KnowThyNeighbor. It was recommended that I "X X" our their eyes which I did.

My point of asking this question is that when we restrict freedoms from nasty people like Camenker and Contrada, we restrict our own freedoms.

When KnowThyNeighbor posted a pic of an 8 year old holding a sign that read "No Gay Sex No Gay Marriage" and the photograph of a group of three toddlers being held upright by their mothers (because they were too young to even be able to sit by themselves) and the toddlers had large "One Man One Woman" stickers on their chests...I think the visual is important. And I hope no one ever takes away my right to express my freedom of speech by showing in a photo the horror of this even if it means posting pics of seemingly innocent children.

Anonymous said... Amy wearing stirrup pants under that big quilty jacket. Their fashion sense is stuck in the 80's along with their ideology. Love his W I D E pleated Dockers.