Friday, March 30, 2007

To Love, Honor & Perish

There's a hot new TV show on Court TV called "'til Death do us part" which is narrated by John Waters a la Rod Sterling in the Twilight Zone (John plays the Groom Reaper).

Each episode features the Groom Reaper recounting the story of a bride and groom on their wedding day which eventually leads to one of them committing murder. (The story takes some twists and turns so you're not sure which spouse will do the deed) While I don't know whether the stories are ripped from today's headlines, they do sound familiar. Although the real news stories of heterosexual couples killing their children, mutilating and abusing them are MUCH more scary.

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Anonymous said...

Off subject. But I know Camenker reads this blog. Butt out of NH we don't want your kind here. We are having fair debate over civil unions and do not need your imput of lies and distortions. Whatever is decided is going to be our decision not yours.