Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"The Black Man Made Me Do It"

That's essentially what Florida Rep. Bob Allen is using for his excuse for being caught soliciting a man in a public rest room for sex:

Fear of the "pretty stocky black guy" who turned out to be an undercover cop made Fla. Rep. Bob Allen perform the actions that led to a charge of solicitation to commit prostitution, Allen told police in documents aired by the Orlando Sentinel.
Funny, I don't think he's commented on what he said to the police when they initially arrested him:

When Allen was loaded into the patrol car, the statement said, he asked if "it would help" that he was a state legislator.
Ah, the hypocrisy of the right. So not only is Rep. Allen a married "straight" guy with a child but he's also a racist too. He also supported Governor Jeb Bush's ban on gays adopting children. I guess he's only for "straight married men soliciting other men in public bathroom and then blaming it on black men" to have children. Now he's a role model!


BlackTsunami said...

I'm black

I wonder if I can scare Philip Seymour Hoffman into giving me some.


TexasKindredSpirit said...

I suppose this type of activity is to be expected from the author of HB 1475 - Lewd or Lascivious Exhibition in the Florida House. And to think he is/was the Florida Campaign Co-Chair for John McCain's Presidential bid. How the "almighty" just keep falling in the GOP. Oh the hypocrisy!

John Hosty said...

I often misspell hypocrisy as "Hypocracy" intentionally to infer theocracy. We should set up a website dedicated to all the "great leaders" like this guy so that we can have an easy access reference point for all of them. It just keeps coming, and it is amazing how the right simply dismisses it all.