Saturday, August 11, 2007

Where DOES Massresistance's Money Go?

This is one of those times when it is so clearly evident that Ms. Massresistance and her ilk are really pure unadulterated evil:

Dragging Our Youth To Suicide

"The 2nd annual drag kickball game was held [in Provincetown] to raise money for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline for Gay and Lesbian Teenagers." - Cape Cod Times, 8-8-07

Comment: This is the sort of thing that would drive our children to
suicide, not prevent it. Please, can't they just stop?

No, Amy. In your warped perception of reality, watching people dressing up like women and playing kickball to raise money for at risk youth is not why children committ suicide and you should be embarrassed to even joke about something like. A comment like that just proves how incredibly ignorant and insensitive you really are. I would love to know when the last time Massresistance, who is constantly asking for money, has donated any of it to actually protecting children instead of lining the pockets of Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada for their "volunteering".

When was the last time you read about Massresistance actually helping children and NOT videotaping them? Do any of you recall what Massresistance's spin was when a shooter went into a New Bedford bar and starting shooting because gay people were there?

Once again, they are refusing to take responsibility for their hateful message that they spread. They continue to go after GLBT youth by photographing them and posting them on their website.

For all those people against the wearing of drag (and you know who you are), if you're a woman and you wear pants, you're doing DRAG sweetheart. Women used to be arrested for wearing man pants. Where was Article 8/Massresistance etc... then?

Show me a man in woman's drag and I'll show you a Presidential candidate.


Mass Marrier said...

Poignant point, Bud. Has there been a single mitzvah by the damnable duo?

Drag queens or straights in suits doesn't make any difference, if they are helping kids at risk. I have never seen or heard of the MR folk doing anything with children or youth except using them politically.

It brings to mind the U.S. and U.K. bishops who stop adoptions by the charitable agencies. They'd rather let kids fester in orphanages or founder in sometimes awful foster care than place them in a loving and supporting same-sex couple's home. Family is to laugh a cynical laugh.

Kick on, bewigged fund-raisers!

Anonymous said...

"DRAGGING our youth to Suicide"

She can be funny.

Richard W. Lewis, Sr. said...

Regarding the money raised and spent by Brian and Amy. Is there someone in our community, Accountant or Lawyer who knows how to access the public records of what they have raised and where it went.
This is information that we need to get and to publish monthly. I for one feel it will be a real eye opener for all of us.

denatlanta said...

Dressing up in drag (high school football players dressing up as female cheerleaders) is a fairly common theme for kicking off a sports fundraiser in high school and middle school. Many a coach/player/Assistant Principal/Principal has dressed up as a "cheerleader" during faculty vs student fundraiser to cheer on their team to the absolute delight of the spectators. Amy has many personal/mental issues, that's obvious.

Molly said...

Our school had Powderpuff Football during Spirit Week every year, with girls dressed in pads and helmets and boys on the sidelines in cute little skirts with pompons.

It did not make my school one iota gayer.

Anonymous said...

I will will tell one place the money MassRetarded money didn't go was to WTTT.

I have been told by a radio insider that the reason the Mass Resistance radio infomercial was dumped is because they were not paying the $500.00 a week WTTT charged to air the show.

The GM let it slide and when he was fired the new GM wanted Brian
to pay his bill and when he didn't the paid program was cut from the TTT line up.

Anyone who knows Brian knows he doesn't like meeting his financial obligations.

Bay Windows has a copy of his most recent bankruptcy filing and may use the information in a future future story about how Brian and Amy use other peoples money.

Ryan Charisma said...

"most recent bankruptcy filing"

he's filed before? dubious!

doesn't this tell anyone anything about this parasite on our society? who will protect us from Brian & Amy?

too bad those cowards don't allow comments on their blog. I got a few words for them.

Joe Brummer said...

Anyone can access their public records by signing up for a free account. From their you should be able to view the last tax return to the feds and see what employees where paid assuming they have any.

I have used this in the past to analyze some of the other anti-gay organizations to see how they get their money and how they pay their leaders. How much do they spend on travel, what are their assets? Etc...

Have fun!

bostonph said...

Shockingly, they've found another host organism:

MassResistance Radio will be back on the air (on a new station) Saturday, Sept 1 - broadcasting from 11 am to noon! We've signed the contract and we're off and running. More details coming up.

bostonph said...

According to their latest update, MassResistance's new home for hate is Beasley Broadcast Group's WRCA (AM 1330).

According to every source I can find, WRCA is a station devoted to Latin content.