Monday, August 6, 2007

Evil Takes a Holiday

Yes, Ms. Massresistance is going away, but Satan knows how long she'll be gone. She did get in one last post before she flew:
Our posts will be sporadic over the next month. Gotta take a break from the evil that we deal with on a daily basis. For news updates and special reports, see our web site

Hmm...could the evil be the gremlins hiding in her collection of electronic gadgets she always seem to carry around? Maybe working for Voldemort is too taxing? Is there any chance Ms. Massresistance will take her collection of digital still and video cameras with her just in case she happens on a homosexual activist or perchance a muggle? So many questions!

But before she left she posted a link to 2005 video (she couldn't find anything recent?) from what she calls a "gay pride event" in Charlotte, NC. After watching the video there is no way to tell when the footage is from but it does have a lot of white men at a pulpit talking about homoSEXuality. The music is eerily ominous too, kind of like the music in the Lord of the Rings when the Orcs are preparing to attack, bone chilling stuff.

I also thought the opening was particularly eye opening:
We have entered into a deadly war. Who will win? Christ will win in the end, however, who will win this battle for America ? Will Christians rise up, take up their shield of faith and conquer through righteousness and obedience? Or are we too busy getting our piece of the pie?

OK, what about the Jews, Muslims, atheists, etc...? What I get from that is that all non-Christians will lose, I wonder if they told their leader, Brian Camenker, that yet?


John Hosty said...

You gotta love that picture!

"Our posts will be sporadic over the next month."

More so than usual?! I can't imagine her posts becoming less timely.

I have a question. Has anyone gone through the bother to dig up Brian's old chums he used to be friends with back when he was gay friendly? It might be worth the bother to see what they have to say about the bee in his bonnet now.

Anyone having any interesting info, email me at your pleasure. Great article!

BlackTsunami said...

Funny you should mention the video they showed.

I talk about it on my blog -

bostonph said...

Amy is probably off looking for the Super Devil:

If you're missing her, RedMassGroup remains one of the more unintentionally funny reads around.

John: I assume you're referring to the interview where Brian talks about becoming homophobic after regularly hanging out with friends after work at a Cambridge Street gay bar. I have several friends who were regulars at Sporters (the only Cambridge Street gay bar anybody knows of) and through them know the manager and a couple of bartenders. Not one of them remembers seeing Brian in there. As far as I can tell, Brian's gay friends were imaginary.

bostonph said...

BTW, I've always found it "interesting" that Brian couldn't remember his gay friend's names.

I had to go with the World O' Crap link, since the Globe has archived the article:

But the experience that spurred Camenker's current crusade was yet to come. While working as a computer consultant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the early 1980s, Camenker says, he became friends with a group of gay men. He said that they ''hung around constantly,'' often going together to gay clubs on Cambridge Street.

But rather than make Camenker tolerant of homosexuality, the experience had the opposite effect. Camenker says he was appalled by his friends' promiscuity, and deeply affected by how they appeared to wrestle with their identities.

Camenker says he cannot remember any of his friends' names, so his assertions are impossible to verify.

Anonymous said...

They can't even get the date right on haha they are nightmares....

Your Big Tranny Friend
Trevor Wright

bostonph said...

At least they've stopped claiming that deductions made to their "research and educational operations" are tax exempt.

Their site now says:

Donations to MassResistance are not tax deductible and are completely confidential.

It used to say:

Donations to MassResistance / Article 8 Alliance are not tax deductible and are completely confidential. Tax-deductible contributions to fund our research and educational operations can be made by check to "Parents' Educational Foundation", and mailed to the above address...

Anonymous said...

It's actually still in the web page source code -- inside of comment delimiters (along with their phone number).