Friday, August 31, 2007

The Gruesome Twosome Are Back On The Air!

I've hesitated to post about Massresistance restarting their anti-gay radio show but since it was featured in Bay Windows I figured I'd mention it here.

They are on a little known radio station with the call letters WRCA 1330 AM that is mainly a foreign language radio station (I guess they haven't heard Brian and Amy's rants on immigration). From Bay Windows:
Stu Fink, station manager for WRCA, said that MassResistance is paying the station to carry their program; he said all of the shows on WRCA pay to lease time from the station.

I'm wondering if on their first show they will talk about all the "Family Value" Republicans who have been caught in sex scandals and the hypocrisy of forcing Senator Craig to resign when nothing was done to Senator Vitter. They really can't talk about much more in this state since none of their anti-gay bills will even see the light of day.

Catch them on Saturdays at 11:00 AM on 1330 AM if the signal reaches that far.

Any bets that tomorrow's show will feature C.J. Doyle and/or Mad Dad Parker?


Mass Marrier said...

Our pay-to-say crew are a sad duo. The broadcast model is that your content attracts advertisers. Let us feign surprise that they have to shell out to spew.

By the bye, WRCA has a hollow website, but the only thing that is there is a clickable image for a streaming feed.

I bless you in advance for having the patience or masochism to listen in.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, there's nothing on their two websites about the Iowa mini-DoMA strikedown either.

Well, I'm happy there's money leaving the hands of bigots and going to some tiny AM radio station that caters to, well, immigrants. All those many hardworking young (snigger, guffaw) adherents of the Ostensibly Straight Duo will have to take an hour out of their busy workdays to listen in to their latest raving absurdities. Oh, I'm so sure they will....

Mass Marrier said...

Well, I'm giggling too over the effects on their handful of listeners. Bud aside, those can't be too worldly or too wise. Say they tune into the station five minutes early to catch Briamy, only to get high speed Spanish, maybe some Latin music too. "Oh, my, Martha. I need the smelling salts!"