Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh, How One Hour Seems Like A Year...

Massresistance: The Radio Show Continues!

Well people, we got another shout out from the Massresistance Duo Brian and Amy on their recent Hate Show. They want people to call the station and tell them how much you LOVE their show. That's sounds kinda weird since they are paying for the airtime themselves. The radio station also continues the announcement (I'm paraphrasing) "the opinions of this radio show DO NOT reflect the opinions of the radio station, its staff or it's owners".

Today's show was the same load of crap, obsessing about transgender issues and bathrooms. However Amy definitely dominated the program. (Is she wearing men's clothing today, i.e., pants?) Oh they do so love gender specific clothing.

Well, we're going to take a break.

And we're back.

Brian and Amy live in the past hence their bringing up a story from 2004. Amy threatens "It's only going to get worse" and "It's going to be happening here". I guess its because there is some bill coming up that they don't like. Apparently they've stopped talking about any of the bills they sent to the Legislature since no is paying attention to their anti-gay antics.

It's nice that Brian and Amy fully understands the issues around people who are transgender by making stupid comments like "well one day the person can think they are a man and the next like a woman". It only leaves me to wonder if this is how they go about their day, do they switch their gender identity every other day?

We're going to take a break.

And we're back.

They had some guy from Citizens for a limited Taxation on their show and actually talked about something that didn't have to do with gay people, I know, what a shocker!

And we're back.

In their last segment they bring back that "Christian" Mike Heath from Maine (he's the guy who complained about the Victoria's Secret Windows displays). Mike is losing his own battle in Maine with his anti-gay activism so I'm sure he, Brian and Amy have a lot to talk about. But instead they talk about gambling in the state.

Mike Heath just said that homosexual activity is associated with gambling lifestyle. I knew they would link it somehow but I was betting that Brian would have been the one to bring it up.

It ended with the obligatory begging for money and some nonsense about they are like Thomas Jefferson, LOL.


John Hosty said...

We should have our readers call the radio station and let them know how wrong it is to have bigots using their airwaves, paid or otherwise. They make me sick, but it looks like we are all going ot have the last laugh, and at their expense.

bostonph said...

I still don't understand the relationship between the CLT and the anti-gay rights groups. The appointment of Robert Willington (of voteOnMarriage fame)as executive director of the Mass. GOP has driven the remainder of my Log Cabin acquaintances to Independent status.

I don't see how hobnobbing with Mr. Camenker is going to expand the CLT base.

Trevor Wright said...

Ok ok ok can I PLEASE get a witness!

It has been 4-5 weeks that Brian has been 'working' on making a new website....

Please take a look, I could of made a better website when i was 16 in high school....

Molly said...

Apropos of not this, it appears that the lovely Phelps crew will be in Massachusetts picketing some churches on November 4.

What confuses me about this is that one of the churches they've chosen is Park Street Church, which has an Exodus International chapter. Wouldn't it make more sense to go across the Common and Garden to Arlington Street Church?

Anonymous said...

Trevor: more importantly, how is the "new" page different in any substantive way? The color scheme is still the same (drab gray and maroon), the layout is *slightly* different...and this took the massresistance "team" 6 weeks (actually longer) to put together?

bostonph said...

They added a right hand side maroon border on some, not all, of the pages, effectively making it look like a sheet of paper (a very long one). Plus they mucked around with the columns.

Compare this:

to this:

As you say, nothing substantive. They still link out to random PRC pages, but the core pages actually makes use of xhtml and style sheets and such.