Saturday, September 1, 2007

Live Blogging of Massresistance's Comeback Radio Show

I will try to blog live the Massresistance Radio Show which is being played live on 1330 AM. Right now there is another show going on. Because of my poor language skills I'm not sure what language it is, it sounds like Portuguese but I'm not sure.

There's a short announcement at the beginning at the beginning that it's a paid program and do not represent the opinions station WRCR. Brian has a new costar, some guy named Jeff.

Amy's not on because she's "researching" the Laramie Project in Wyoming. Brian is spouting lies about the play "The Laramie Project". He should team up with Fred Phelps since he doesn't like it either. Brian would like to get the play removed from high schools because of it's violent content.

NEWS!!!! Mad Dad Parker AND C.J. Doyle are going to be on!!!!! (See yesterday's post)

Brian's partner is a guy named Ari (sp?) who apparently does speaking engagements for Massresistance on transgender issues, who knew he was an expert?

They are afraid of the spread of "transgenderism" and desensitizing the public about it. Brian notes that no one else talks about it like they do. Ari and Brian are laughing about gender neutral bathrooms. Brian wants someone to do something about it.

Ari doesn't know what gender neutral means and has problems deciding whether he could use the bathroom or not. Because they record their program they have no comment on Emerson College's move to make their bathrooms gender neutral.

Brian's misrepresenting the nominee for the Mass SJC by saying that she donated money to Gov. Patrick.

Mad Dad Parker is Next!

Brian recounting Mad Dad Parker's arrest because "he was there", doesn't mention that he was snapping pictures of the event. Mad Dad Parker is present in the studio himself (must be taking a break between PR and Chicago). Brian can't believe that a "human being let alone a judge" would write what the judge wrote when he dismissed Parker's federal case. Brian doesn't like that GLSEN and PFlag filed briefs against Parker's appeal.

David Parker is now an expert on transgender issues. "It's all a lie"

Brian thinks the next step for the "homosexual movement" is for to dress like women because they already act like women.

Brian is upset that GLAD is "pushing the envelop" for GLBT people. Parker wants to know what a GLBT family is. I guess he hasn't seen Rosie O'Donnell's family. Brian says that we want to change the definition of family. Brian says this is really "frightening stuff" (he has already used "chilling" at least once.)

Halfway mark: Everyone is "God blessing everyone else" There are no commercials on this show because they are buying the airtime.

C.J. Doyle is on!!!

C.J. is talking about the marriage vote in June and bringing up some story about the Knights of Columbus (this is very old news) upset at the those "Knights" in the Mass. Legislature voting to uphold the MA SJC's decision. C.J. is calling House Leader DeMasi a "defector" from the Catholic Church. Interesting in listening to C.J. talk in that he uses the terms "same sex or same gender" marriage and not "homosexual" marriage (which Brian uses).

CJ wants the Knights of Columbus to rise up and get rid of the Mass Legislators. He wants people who know Knights to call them and tell them to get rid of them. (CJ talks VERY fast likes he's had 5 grandes from StarBucks with extra shots of espresso.)

Brian uses the term "Oh Boy" that's a change from the "Oh Man" which he has made so popular.

Breaktime: Again no sponsors so just some electronic music. BTW, they are not using the widely poplar music at the beginning of their show. I'm guessing it was WTTT's music and they couldn't take it with them.

Their last segment they are talking about the ADL and the "No Place for Hate" Campaign. Brian thinks ADL is inventing things because there is no overt discrimination anymore (he gave examples of Jews being discriminated against when he was younger) Brian thinks that kids put swastika's on things to get attention from higher ups likes Mayors. Brian said he would have done it too to get attention (wow! that's scary)

Ah, now we get to the heart of the hate for ADL, it's because of their collaboration with MassEquality and other "liberal mindsets" Ari just called Rush Limbaugh "The GREAT Rush Limbaugh" I wonder what Ari thinks of doctor shopping for prescription drugs.

Ari talking about the "homosexuals" manufacturing issues like bullying.

The show's over. Some announcer is telling people where to send money to listen.

Another announcement that the view of the following program do not represent the station, the station's staff or the company who owns the station, pretty explicit that they want nothing to do with Massresistance's anti-gay views.

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