Saturday, September 1, 2007

Republican Senator Larry Craig Resigns

Republican Senator Larry Craig is announcing his resignation in Boise Idaho right now. He has surrounded himself with his family. The Governor has even showed up.

He's humbled by all the people who are standing next to him. The governor has always stood behind me as he is standing behind him now. (he should have been standing by him in the airport bathroom).

He loves Idaho. He apologizes to his family. Apparently he cannot devote 100% of his time because he's pursuing other legal options. He resigning on Sept. 30th. He said it would be an unfair distraction to Idaho.

He's very humbled by the support he has received from everyone (except the GOP?) He didn't take questions and he's off.

In other news, the bathroom sex protocol has now changed. No longer is tapping your foot under the stall wall appropriate. Now all you have to do is knock on the wall and say "Is that you Senator?"


Anonymous said...

There's a great podcast from on Mitt Romney's utter lack of decency on the Craig affair. It's worth a listen or read.

Doodle Bean said...

Good riddance to another GOP hypocrite! Now, when are we going to see the GOP call for Vitter's resignation?

Doodle Bean said...

Hey Bud,

You may also want to publicize this issue, also.

In short, a married couple have been broken up by immigration law which doesn't recognize their marriage...