Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So Many Gays, So Many Galas

Next week is turning out to be a busy week for the anti-gay bigots:
  • Wednesday, October 3rd, there is a "forum" in Acton which the homophobes wanted because the Acton High Drama Department is putting on "The Laramie Project" in November (get your tickets now, it will most likely be a sold out event!). For the life of me, I don't fully comprehend what qualifications an "Ex-gay" and a "Dr." obsessed with gay sex have with offering a differing viewpoint on the play. Maybe the "Ex-gay" is an ex-actor and can offer his view of the whole acting experience and how it relates to the play? Is the "Dr" an arm chair critic who's seen numerous productions of the "The Laramie Project" and can offer experienced advice to the director?

  • Thursday, October 4th, Massresistance is holding its annual fundraising gala at the Holiday Inn in Boxborough, MA. A Holocaust revisionist is speaking along with, ta da, Mad Dad David Parker fresh off his anti-gay tour of Puerto Rico, who, BTW, is jetting off tomorrow to...

  • Friday, October 5th, Pete "Obsessed with anything gay" LaBarabara is holding his first fundraising dinner, a la Massresistance, outside of Chicago and guess who's speaking? None other than the man who bullies elementary school staff, Mad Dad David Parker.

Some interesting notes on the above. Brian and Amy always have their camera in hand except when it comes to their "gala", they threatened to show pictures of the past "galas" but somehow never get around to posting those pictures, hmmm..... They have photos of Gay Pride events, they even post pictures of school children on their site, but a picture of their "supporters," no where to be found. Who knows, you may find pictures of this event right here so keep posted.

Update to the October 3rd event: Linda Harvey, a "researcher" on homosexual programs in the public schools and founder of a group she started on the Internet is no longer going to be strutting her stuff at the Acton forum apparently. Massresistance gives no reason for the change either but lists a John Russo as taking her place.

I also found this gem on the "new" Massresistance web site:

The superintendent of schools and chairman of the school committee have contacted one of the parents involved. They want to meet with him. They are concerned about "safety at the event." They apparently want US to provide police protection.

Our question: Safety from whom? Certainly none of the pro-family people would be a threat. Are the school officials afraid that homosexual activists might do what they do at so many other events they don't like - cause a disruption and threaten violence?

Can someone say Larry Cirignano, Mad Dad Parker and Diane Steele?

*Larry Cirignano's picture taken by Kevin Ksen @Worcester Indymedia and from

Mad Dad's Parker's picture from Massresistance


massmarrier said...

Barker or Parker, whatever, has made quite a little cottage industry of nomadic gay bashing. Is this a great country?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of which, what happened to Ms. Steele?

Also, can you list RedMassGroup and under sites that preach hate? The Mass GOP doesn't seem to be able to comprehend why Patrick won, so are focusing on pleasing their Christian-right "family values" base.

It's hard to find a thread on RedMassGroup that doesn't contain a reference to "gay liberal assclowns."

Worse, the Mass. GOP has made Robert Willington their Executive Director.

You may remember Robert as the leader of's anti-gay marriage petition drive. He was also New England chairman of the Alan Keyes for President 2000 campaign. Making him Executive Director was a giant "fuck you" to the gay community.

Anonymous said...

I see that "ex-gay" gadfly Stephen Bennett will be at the Oct 3 event. He's a strange little man!


Anonymous said...

One more reason I left the once liberal Mass GOP.

Trevor Wright said...

Amy Contrada's daughter is in the F*(^'ing play!!!

what a joke she is!

Anonymous said...

Also, it looks like Westboro Baptist will be joining in the objections to the play. Wow, they have a busy couple days in Massachusetts.

Anonymous said...

Anti-gay Zealot's Daughter to Star in Laramie Project - September 26, 2007 - Boston -

Amy Contrada, author of the vehemently anti-gay MassResistance blog and tireless crusader against the Laramie Project play, failed to report that her own daughter will star in Acton High School's production of the play this November. Despite the fact that her daughter will play a TV Reporter and serve as a Moderator for the play, which sensitively chronicles the death of Mathew Shepard, Contrada remains committed to organizing an anti-gay forum at the same High School in October.