Friday, October 27, 2006

Had Enought Yet?


They're attacking Michael J. Fox because of his illness.

They've attacked an African American candidate for being African American.

They're now using Gay Marriage to "reignite" their troops for the election.

Kerry Healey puts out a racist ad, claims it's not about race (but some in the Boston community believe it is racist)

The Mass "Family" Association also use the New Jersey decision to ask their members to vote Republican (you have to get their emails they don't do it where they can get caught in public)

"It will not be enough for all our supporters to vote. We need everyone to spread the word to their friends, family and neighbors. We need everyone to make sure that their pastor reminds all his congregants that it is their Christian duty to vote. Values voters were instrumental in returning President Bush to office in 2004, with the most obvious result being two pro-family justices being appointed to the Supreme Court."

    • More soldiers are dying in Iraq. October has been the bloodiest month this year.
    • The President no longer wants to use the words "Stay the Course" even though
      that is what we are doing (I guess not saying it out loud will make it sound better)
    • The economy is going down the toilet, Massachusetts is losing jobs by the hour.
    • Americans are getting profiled and searched while riding the subway.
    • Companies responsible for the BIG DIG problems are now the ones we're relying on to inspect the problems they've caused after a fatal accident.
    • Since the Goodridge decision in Massachusetts, more people are getting covered by their partner's healthcare, more people are allowed to make medical decisions for their loved ones.
    • Oh yeah, no heterosexual marriage has been negatively impacted by two gay people getting married.
Again, I ask you: Have you had enought yet?


Marcie said...

"Christian duty to vote"?
Didn't Christ say "give to Caesar what is Caesar's and God to what is God's?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Administration's response to a disaster in our own country. How many people from New Orleans are still displaced, what about the other communities that still don't have housing. A vote for the Repugs is a vote to continue this mess.