Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Touché Margery

Margery Eagan of the Boston Herald has a good column on the Mark Foley scandal. She writes about the scapegoating of gay men by the conservative "spin doctors" and details some interesting issues that haven't been addressed by the MSM:

Yet yesterday, as church bells tolled across Amish country in memory of five young girls who were shot to death by a man who apparently intended to sexually assault them in their one-room schoolhouse - two weeks after another man shot and raped girls in a Colorado schoolhouse - no one was making any sweeping statements about the predatory instincts of straight men.

Nor should they.

There are more or less regular straight men and more or less regular gay men. When either variety starts hitting on underage children - male or female - they cease to be regular.

Touché Margery!

It's a terrible shame how they are trying to portray this as another "gay scandal" (they tried to do it with the Catholic Church too and failed terribly) when it is a problem with DEMENTED MEN period. Because of their smoke and mirrors "gay show" they are overlooking the problems that are going on all over the country and not dealing with it effectively.

How many more Dateline segments are going to show married heterosexual men showing up at a house to have sex with a minor? We need to stop the gay witch hunts and start dealing with the real problem, adult predators, regardless of sexual orientation.

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