Saturday, October 21, 2006

Massresistance Radio Show SHOCKER!

David Parker was NOT on the show. I can't believe it! Ok, maybe I can believe it, you see, David "Mad Dad" Parker was one of the speakers at last week's hatefest "Liberty Sunday" and "Liberty Sunday" was held in Massachusetts because it was billed as:
Massachusetts is the only state that has legalized gay marriage, but eight states will vote in November on amendments banning gay marriage.
Now, Massresistance/Article 8 et al are still reciting the "same sex marriage is not legal here" mantra (it's how they started their show today) so I guess they weren't happy with Liberty Sunday. On the show this morning they also continued their attack on Governor Mitt "Did ya here the one about Massachusetts" Romney.

The show was the usual borefest. They had some unknown people running office somewhere in Massachusetts (I'm sure these people's potential constituents can't even receive the radio signal). Somehow they got to talking about Santa Claus and gay sex. I don't really know how they got on this topic but my husband reminded me that if Santa Claus is gay he is GOING to have to start working out.

All in all it's an hour I will never get back. Luckily I was multi-tasking: writing a check out to Brian Linsky (he's great!), finishing my Halloween costume and thanking my husband for buying Activia yougurt, it's delicious!


Ryan Charisma said...

Massresistance Radio Show & Activia? Boy the shit must have been flying everywhere.

David Parker said...

Massresistance Radio Show SHOCKER!
David Parker was NOT on the show. I know, I can't believe it either. What a disappointment! He offers us such a unique combination of wit and wisdom, though I must say, I don't believe that he hates us. By the way: I have an idea for your Halloween costume; Dressing up like Brian Camenker. Talk about scared straight!

Owen R. Broadhurst said...

Speaking of the radio show, look here:

The Republican candidate for State Representative in the 3rd Hampden District is promoting Brian Camenker's radio show on his website.

I wrote Bob an e-mail on the 20th:



From: Owen Broadhurst Mailed-By:
To: ""
Date: Oct 20, 2006 4:41 PM
Subject: Brian Camenker, Bob?

Daily Show "report" interview with Brian Camenker.


Bob - this guy compared people like me to Nazis in that interview, which is rather strange given his claim that Naziism is "rational".

In various interviews and letters, he proclaims my sexual orientation a "perversion", claims we hope to legalize bestiality, he hopes to put an end to Gay/ Straight alliances, and he hopes to squash any further Youth Risk Behavior Surveys despite their life-saving potential.

Bob - I, more than most, can well understand the need to see suppressed information about a campaign aired in as many media outlets as possible; and I, more than most, can well understand the need to seek contributions against a very well-heeled campaign:

But, in Brian Camenker, you have a truly venomous hate-monger for one of your campaign supporters. I was more than a little surprised to see prominent mention of his radio program on your website. I was deeply distressed, and deeply pained, to see that.

Brian Camenker has claimed that there's "homosexual activist recruitment of our children in the public schools", and has compared my sexual orientation to both alcoholism and addiction to pornography. Despite his being an Orthodox Jew, he has claimed that Jews as a people are constitutionally "susceptible" to Marxist ideology, and has claimed that the Nazi regime in Germany was "completely rational"

This man identified school officials in Lexington as "fascists" and "jackbooted thugs". His Article 8 Alliance claims two men "defiled" a Cathedral in daring to kiss and hold hands while inside it. Brian Camenker has also decried scholarships for gay youth disowned by their parents - apparently because he believes disowned youth of my sexual orientation do not deserve a college education. He furthermore would like to make sure that no one of my sexual orientation ever teaches in any public school, parroting the lie that we're pedophiles.

People like me, Bob, are described by this man as "vile" and "disgusting".

Bob, you do not want yourself associated in any way with this man.

Owen R. Broadhurst
Candidate for State Representative
Third Hampden District


Bob has not as of yet sent a reply.

Anonymous said...

great letter Owen!

Anonymous said...

Rep. David Linsky is great. Keep supporting him. To find out more ways to support pro-equality candidates visit or