Monday, October 2, 2006

The Real Men of the GOP!

What is this? The party of ¨morality¨ has been caught protecting one of its own a la the Catholic Church. It seems the GOP Rep Mark Foley from Florida was caught (most likely months ago but was shielded):
The Florida Republican resigned Friday amid scrutiny of his e-mail and instant-message contacts with pages. The six-term Florida congressman was co-chairman of the Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus and a prominent backer of legislation to crack down on online predators and criminalize child pornography on the Internet.
AND, it is alleged that the GOP leadership of the House KNEW about what he had done and didn´t turn him over to authorities until ABC asked the Rep about some emails! Where´s the outrage? Where the Focus on the Family, the American Family Association? Massresistance has constantly asked where the real men are in the Republican party, here they are, these apparently ARE the real men of the GOP.


CrackerLilo said...

Too bloody right, all of it.

Will America smarten up and understand that it's the closet they need to be worried about, not an out adult gay man who loves another out adult gay man? It seems to me that it's the politicians and priests and "good family men" that require attention.

It's said that you project onto others what is in yourself, and that if you point the finger of blame at another, three go back to you. Maybe that's what we need to be seeing here.

Steven Keirstead said...

It's sad that MassResistance is pulling out the old canard that mnay gay men are pedophiles. They quote Linda Harvey, "The fact that this is typical behavior for homosexuals doesn't stop us from continuing to elevate such folks to positions where they gain access to our kids." Typical LIBEL is what we expect from MassResistance, and I am unsurprised that they would use the scandal to insult all law abiding gay men, the majority of us. Fearmongering is the specialty of the right wing organizations like MassResistance, The Massachusetts Family Institute and MassNews.

As a victim of sex abuse myself I find the politicization of the Foley scandal to be reprehensible. You cannot blame innocent people for the actions of pedophiles.

Anonymous said...

Amy Contrada's comparison of Foley with Bill Conley misses several important points. Bill Conley is an out and open homosexual ACCUSED of soliciting sex from ADULT college students. The case has yet to come to trial, but there's no cover up.

Foley was not only closeted, he spent most of his career "protecting endangered youth." On top of that, people in the Republican Party had known about the behavior for at least a year.

While there have been several lame attempts to shift the blame to gay people and Democrats (most notably Katherine Harris' bizarre "they must have known and hid it for political gain"), it all smacks of CYA.

Sorry Amy. Even the Gerry Studds comparison didn't work. His page was 17.

theAguy said...

This scandle stinks everyway to Sunday. Rep. Foley is a homosexual but he is not Gay. A Gay person is comfortable with themselves other Gay people and Gay culture and doesn't spend time online
chatting up teenagers who basically work for him.

A pedophile is someone who is attracted to a pre-pubscent girl or boy. I think all of the Pages involved were past puberty.

What is so sick, is that Tony Perkins and disgraced Former Speaker Gingritch have said that the reason that Speaker Hasert ( who won't be speaker by this time next week) did not come forward with what he knew because he was afraid he would be called anti-gay.

Tony Perkins never resists the opportunity to further demonize the 99.9% of the Gay men and Women around the world who are law abiding citizens who add to their local communities every day.

bostonph said...

Jon Stewart had a great response to the Gingrich comment:

“And by the way, equating a 52-year-old congressman who preys on 16-year-olds with being gay may be one reason the GOP is accused of gay-bashing.”

theAguy said...

Musgrave Faces Tough Challenge

Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO), the anti-gay author of the Federal Marriage Amendment in the House, is facing competition in her bid for re-election due to her focus on wedge issues instead of her constituents. The New York Times reports that her once safe Republican seat stands a chance of falling to her Democratic opponent in November. The latest poll on places her ahead with only four points