Monday, April 2, 2007

MFI Pimps for Homophobia

Mass "Family" Institute, quite over their respect for the "other side" is now coming out of the closet with its support of the Parker's and the Wirthin's (in case you forgot they are the couples in Lexington who sued practically everyone in the town to stop the spread of children stories which included might or might not include gay characters):

In case you can't read it:

Legacy Law Foundation launches appeal to help Parkers and Wirthlins

MFI continues to follow the lawsuit filed by David and Tonia Parker and Robb and Robin Wirthlin over their parental rights, and we will report to you on any developments on the appeal of their dismissal by a federal judge last month. However, we feel this case is so important that we want to remind you once again that they are not just fighting for their own parental rights, but for the rights of every parent in America to raise their children according to certain morals. This is why we are forwarding along this appeal to you.

The Legacy Law Foundation, a leading public interest law firm and education foundation that provides pro bono legal assistance, has launched an appeal to raise funds to help support the Parkers and the Wirthlins in their fight against the ACLU. A donation to the fund set up by the foundation will directly benefit these two families who have incurred over $220,000 in legal expenses so far. Any donations are tax deductible, and all money raised in this special appeal will go directly to fund legal expenses incurred by the Parkers and the Wirthlins as they continue their fight.

You can make a secure online donation by CLICKING HERE.

There are so many things about these paragraphs that I've been thinking about:

  • I thought I heard someone bragging that the Parker's/Wirthin's were getting all their legal fees paid for because this was such an important parent's rights issue. If that's the case why do they need money?
  • A quick search of the Legacy Law Foundation shows that it is out of Utah and has someone on their board with a familiar name (Victoria Romney) could it be a relative?
  • The Parkers/Wirthins are the people who initiated this lawsuit against the town the Lexington, why, all of a sudden is MFI saying this is a fight against the ACLU? What kind of smoke and mirrors are they trying to throw up?
  • I hope they explain to their children, when they can't pay for their advanced education, that mommy and daddy spent a lot of money so you wouldn't have to hear/read stories about real families with real people dealing with the reality of living in a world with hateful and bigoted people.


Anonymous said...

This is off subject but have the Pawlicks finally cast in the towel? Both MassNews and MA Citizens for Marriage are off the air. The end of an era? Now if only Camenker and Contrada would do the same.

Tom Lang said...

A little about the Wirthlins, their Mormon connections, the GOP family connections and Mitt Romney's connections can be read at

I quote fron the article...

"The story should end there. But, the 2008 Presidential campaign has already begun. Someone is bound to make something of the fact that the Wirthlins are devout Mormons, in fact Robb is the namesake grandson of Elder Joseph Wirthlin, an apostle of the church. He is also the grand-nephew of Richard (Dick) Wirthlin, the media-savvy Washington opinion pollster who served Ronald Reagan, the Republican Party, Massachusetts Governor and likely Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the Mormon Church, and had a hand in founding organizations that oppose same sex marriage."

Reuven said...

Finally, JESUS has commented on this battle! And guess what, he says "NO" on "PROPOSITION 8"

Jesus said it, I believe it, That Settles it!