Thursday, July 26, 2007

Don't Hold Your Breath For a Correction

MassResistance Watch called Ms. Massresistance out on her sloppy posting of the "lesbian gangs" which were purported to be roaming Washington D.C. She also included a link to the LifeSite News which retold the false story from Fox News (Big surprise huh!).

In the beginning of July I pointed to the Southern Poverty Law Center's website where they went through the Fox News Broadcast and listed all the inaccuracies in the report. It now appears that LifeSite News is posting the story of the inaccuracies in the Fox News report but has the correction appeared on Massresistance's websites? The answer is a BIG FAT NO!

On July 3rd LifeSiteNews and many other services reported on a Fox News Bill O'Reilly segment on violent lesbian gangs in Washington, DC. and elsewhere. The report included video footage of violent incidents and a report from crime investigator Rod Wheeler. O'Reilly and Wheeler now report that there were significant inaccuracies and exaggerations in the the report.

In his apology Wheeler states, "During the O'Reilly Factor segment on June 21st, while engaged in a discussion on Lesbian gangs, I inadvertently stated that gang
members carry pistols that are painted pink and call themselves the "Pink Pistol Packing Group." I was not referring to the gay rights group "Pink Pistols" who advocates for the lawful rights of gays to carry weapons for protection. Further, I mentioned that there are "over 150 of these gangs" in the greater Washington DC area. What I actually meant is that there are over 150 gangs in the Washington DC area, some of which are in fact lesbian gangs. Lastly, I mentioned in the segment that there is this "national epidemic" of lesbian gangs. A better choice of words would have been to say that there is a growing concern nationally, and especially in major urban areas, of increased gang activity, which includes some lesbian gang activity. I apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused."

Massresistance, in keeping with their policy of posting lies and deception, has posted another erroneous story, this time about the City of Fort Lauderdale:

Mayor of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, stands up to intimidation by homosexual activists over public sex.

Finally, a strong public official! City was overwhelmed by homosexuals having anonymous sexual encounters in public parks & restrooms, angering parents and community. Mayor announced a crackdown - that the city won't take it any longer. Homosexual activists (supported by local press, of course) demonstrated against mayor, held rally, called him a "bigot", etc., but mayor held his ground.

If you click on the link Massresistance even provides you learn that there is no problem with gay people having sexual encounters any where in the city. Even the city police admit that this has never been a problem:
Naugle [the Mayor] said public restrooms are plagued by gay sex in Fort Lauderdale, even though police said it's not a problem. He also said he doesn't use the term "gay" because homosexuals are "unhappy."

Once again, Massresistance doesn't care about the truth. They only turn up to post nasty falsehoods and attempt to attack the gay community. Oh, and they still LOVE to post about sex whether it's true or not.


BlackTsunami said...

well when you see their behavior involving the David Parker situation (i.e. still claiming that Parker's son was beaten up for his father standing up against the "homosexual agenda" despite the fact that the story was proven to be false), you shouldn't be shocked that they won't print a correction to their lesbian gang claim.

Anonymous said...

these bozos are a self-parody at this point.