Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Massresistance Thinks It's Reasonable to Hit Another Person

For what seems like the umpteenth time, Massresistance is a day late and a dollar short. They now have on their website their version of why a woman, who attacked a man at the Constitutional Convention, was arrested. It's only how many days since the ConCon? Did it take that long to fabricate this story?

Diane was peaceably standing on the pro-family side of the street with her son, inside the blue police barricade. Her sign (see below) was provocative but nothing like the hate-filled anti-Christian signs the homosexual activists were waving. Even a little dissent isn't tolerated.

I guess the hate filled signs our side was carrying which said stuff like "No discrimination in the Constitution" and "Equal Rights for All", are, you know, really those anti-Christian type of signs.

Then all of a sudden someone started talking to her and she slapped him, but of course, we set it all up. Our side took her hand and forcibly hit the man she was arguing with or better yet, maybe the man just pushed his head into her hand, kinda like what they also claimed when Larry Cirignano assaulted that woman in Worcester:

It's very clear that they set her up. Soon after the vote was announced, homosexual rights supporter Jack Kirschenbaun of Malden went across the street and stood right next to her. A friend was standing right in front of them. Kirschenbaun began a vicious attack against Diane. "Why do you hate so much," he started out, and it went on from there non-stop, without allowing Diane to even reply. Then it got sexual. "Are you a virgin?" he shouted at her. "Have you ever had an orgasm."

At that point, Diane slapped him. "I wasn't really thinking about it," she said later. "It was just an instinctive reaction." It sounds reasonable to us.

(Does this legally constitute a sexual harassing verbal assault? The police weren't even interested. Also, the son was apparently several yards away and didn't hear the incident.) Did she ask the police? And why wasn't she watching her 9 year old son? Don't you think if she actually believed what she wrote on her sign then she wouldn't have even brought her son to be around, GASP, GAY people!

Let me repeat what they said when they heard that a woman violently attacked another human: IT SOUNDS REASONABLE TO US. Oh, really?! Massresistance is now OK with physical violence. For future reference, when Amy gets in your face and starts asking you about "Cum vomit", according to Massresistance, it is perfectly reasonable to slap her and claim it was just an instinctive reaction. Of course it is probably instinctual if you're prone to violence, WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW.

I'll leave you with one last picture of the "petite" Diane Steele, look closely at the picture, what do you think she's saying? I wonder if her 9 year old son was nearby to see his slap happy mom get taken away? Give it up for Pro-family values.


Marcie said...

I don't know why they're so worried about this woman. She'll probably just go to "jail".

Ryan Adams said...

This blog was perfect. It had humor. It had plenty of examples of people being astoundingly stupid. It was a glimpse into the extrordinary lengths the other side will go to lie, cheat and steal to try to turn the clocks back 30 years.

And it shows how funny their efforts are... I almost feel pity for them. Almost.

Anonymous said...

In front of the State House, the pro-family people were on one side of the street and the homosexual activists on the other.

The following four photos were taken by a homosexual activist who "happened" to be standing there.

Can you believe it? A homosexual activist just "happened" to be at a gathering of homosexual activists! It's a conspiracy, I tells ya!!!

bostonph said...

Excellent post! Couple of questions.

A friend, who had been watching over 9-year-old son while Diane was dragged away in handcuffs, finally was able to post bail, but she had to stay in Boston overnight.

"A friend"???!!! Does that mean Diane is (gasp) a single mother!

We are working with her to find a good pro-bono criminal lawyer.

I know they put sneer quotes around "assault and battery" (which is what she committed), but aren't Brian and Amy lawyers? They're always interpreting Mass. law for us...

(An interesting footnote: Inside the police station were lots and lots of homosexual newspapers, and more were delivered while Diane was there. )

Copies of "In Newsweekly" and "Bay Windows" in the police station along a "normal" newspaper? How can anyone possibly not recognize this as a conspiracy?!!

Anonymous said...

Diane was peaceably standing on the pro-family side of the street with her son

They left out that she was peaceably standing with her sign equating gay people to Nazi's.

Anonymous said...

Brain wonders why she was handcuffed. Based on her signs one would assume she is mentally ill and could be a danger to herself or the officers.

Yes she was set up as was Larry in Worcester.

Maybe Brian can hook her up with the same Lawyer who represented Mad dad David Parker.

Anonymous said...

perhaps she was handcuffed because she had already been violent? What radicals those policemen were...

Mass Marrier said...

This continues to fascinate that these bozos can't seem to take responsibility for their actions. For Cirignano and Steele, if they can deny it ever happened, they do. If there are too many witnesses, it is always that the victim made them do it, they had no other choice. You can go to trials of abusive parents and spouses and hear the same things. "They made it do it. I had no choice."

Cut me a very thin slice of that baloney, Larry, Diane, Brian and Amy.

bostonph said...

I love that the MR version has the victim crossing the street to tempt MS. Steele into attacking him. All the other versions have them shouting things at each, then her coming over to get in his face...

Doodle Bean said...

Note that the MassResistance screed maintains one photographer (a gay activist just hanging around a newsworthy event) took the photos. In fact, the first one was taken by 'qwrrty', who posted it on Flickr.com and his blog. The next three are from an AP photographer.

The first photo was apparently used by MassResistance without permission. Typical behavior from our favorite haters!

As for Diane, she had another hateful sign. You can see the photo here.

Quite the class act!