Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More Scare Tactics From Article 8/Massresistance

Latest news from MassResistance aka Article 8 aka Parent's Rights Coalition aka Interfaith Coalition of Massachusetts, phew! seems to be an ambition agenda:
  • Making Changes in their own minds (convincing themselves that they are not prejudiced),
  • Deciding that "these people" (the majority of people in Massachusetts) are not going to beat us,
  • Understanding that we (the right wing fringe loonies) are going to stop them (I guess that's us, the homosexual activists),
  • Stopping the legislature from voting this insanity into law (the insanity is additional funding for at-risk youth),
  • Stopping the powerful homosexual lobby (and yet they say we're only a very tiny minority in the state...)
  • Keeping the hostile Boston media from influencing events (don't they mean they're going to get them to show up at their loony events?)

They go on to rant that we are using propaganda, lies, deception, intimidation, misinformation, false statistics, illogical arguments, emotion, and yes, brainwashing to confuse the public. After their Communist and Nazi's references they end with a Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister quote:

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it....

People, I give you the following propaganda, lies, deception, intimidation, misinformation, false statistics, illogical arguments, emotion, and brainwashing from Article 8:

In a Sept. 2005 email update:

Parker represents absolutely no danger to anyone, and no one suggests he does. This is being done as an instrument of intimidation -- against Parker and anyone else who might want to do what he did. Last April 27, David Parker demanded that he be notified if any adult discussed homosexuality or transgenderism with his 6-year-old in the elementary school. The school's reaction was to handcuff and arrest him.

No mention of David Parker saying he was forewarned of being arrested if he did not leave the school. Then they proceed to give out the Lexington Superintendent's phone number and email address. Of course they constantly give out emails and telephone numbers to encourage people to harress individuals.

The same email:

Fr. Cuenin has been probably the most vocal and in-your-face supporter of the homosexual agenda among Catholic active clergy in the state. He has participated in the annual "Gay Pride" parade.

Yet Fr. Cuenin never marched in the Gay Pride Parade.

Their continuous rant that same sex marriages are not legal in Massachusetts (if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it...)


Article 8 Alliance and Parents' Rights Coalition volunteers just spent a weekend at the Vision New England evangelical Christian convention in Boston. They displayed a poster warning the churchgoing attendees that soon, unless they fought for their rights, their churches would be required by the state to perform same-sex "weddings".

No one has ever suggested this. That's why it's called CIVIL marriage.

And it just goes on and on. Just go to their website and see for yourself. Brian, himself said he could "connect the dots" from same sex marriage to quality of life decreasing, homelessness, crime rates and even air quality, if he did some research! To which Comedy Central Report Ed Helms replied:

Yeah, why take time to do the research, when saying it is so much faster?


Tom Lang said...

Hey, be nice! I had a conversation with Brian Camenker a few days ago and he says that your blog and others should not be "getting personal."

Bad blogger! Bad!

Anonymous said...

Got to love the chutzpa of a guy who's devoted his life to trying to deprive others of rights talking about things getting personal. Or is his argument "I don't hate you personally just gay people in general"?

To continue the Article8 excercises in illogic theme, Ms. Contrada's latest contains this very odd quote from a couple of local black ministers:

It is precisely the indiscriminate promotion of various social groups' desires and preferences as "rights" that has drained the moral authority from the civil rights industry. Let us consider the question of rights. What makes a gay activist's aspiration to overturn thousands of years of universally recognized morality and practice a "right"? ...

What is the "civil rights industry?" I thought the Constitution guaranteed basic rights and the civil rights movement was a reaction to people being denied those rights. Period. It's picking and choosing who gets to have rights that deprives Amy and Brian and these two ministers of moral authority.

Earlier in the piece they argue that since gays weren't enslaved, our struggle can't be compared to that of blacks. Here they argue that longstanding "morality and practice" is the ultimate arbiter. In that case, should women be able to vote or work (or write hate filled blogs)? That kind of prohibition is not only a long standing practice, but is still considered moral in many religions. For that matter, slavery existed for thousands of years before the first settlers arrived in the United States. Based on their argument, it should still be permitted, right?

Of course not. Like Amy and Brian, they're just grasping at straws to justify discrimination.

Marcie said...

"Getting Personal"? How many times is Amy going to post the director of Bagly on her website? How many times are they going to "call out homosexual activists" (They seem to scan the paper for any mention of a same sex couple and then lambast them on the Massresistance blog.

John Adams said...

We’ll make a deal with the righties --- stop trying to take away our legal rights and we won’t take it so personally.

Anonymous said...

Asking to be notified if your 6 year old son will be learning about homosexuality and transgender subjects somehow infringes on YOUR rights? You don't have a right to teach children about this, you are not the parent. Learn the meaning of a "right", and stop blaming everything on this group.

Anonymous said...

David Parker, your self-created martyr, did not go to jail to stop his child from being taught about "transgender subjects" he went to jail because he didn't want his child to know homosexuals exist.

Demanding that there be no mention of my child's parents absolutely infringes on my rights.

Own your bigotry.

Anonymous said...

You have no right to tell a parent what their child is exposed to in school anonymous. I'm sure you would object if class began every day with a prayer to a Hindu goddess, and then the prayer rugs came out for the daily prayer towards Mecca. There isn't much difference here.