Sunday, May 29, 2005

7 Days till the Rally for the Man who Held the Lexington School Hostage

Next Sunday, June 5, Article 8 is holding a rally in Wayland Ma (Wayland Mass?!) for the man who was arrested when he wouldn't leave a Lexington Elementary School. I wonder what type of people will attend, if any? Who will support this man who kept the school hostage by not leaving well into the evening?

Do you think Brian Camenker will attend? Brian is the head of Article 8. He is the same man who "claims" that the "Little Black Book" is so terrible and bad because it promotes unsafe practices, yet he waited over 2 weeks before going to the press with the information on the book. Article 8's website says "Deadly health misinformation in the booklet. " and Article 8 was so concerned about the children that it waited from April 30th (when the GLSEN conference was held) until May 17th, the anniversary of the first marriages for same sex couples till it touted the "deadly misinformation" in the book.

Now if it was so "deadly" why didn't Article 8 release this information as soon as it found out. Don't they care about the children or do they care about making headlines?

The news report in Lexington, after the father took the school hostage, outlines how the father had it all planned, he called Article 8 to show up at the school with cameras so they could photograph him coming out of the school with handcuffs on. The police also let him go home, however, he wanted to stay in jail until his arraignment the following day (makes better front page headlines this way). Did this man really care about this issue or was he only looking to making the papers and blame it on same sex marriage?

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