Wednesday, May 25, 2005

AFA Ends its 9 year Boycott of Disney

The American Family Association ended its 9 year boycott of Disney. Why?

AFA president Tim Wildmon says there are a number of reasons for this recent decision, and chief among those reasons is what he calls "a culturally crowded battlefield." The ministry's leadership decided it was time to end the boycott, he explains, "because there are so many other issues we need to move on to and deal with that are taking our time and energy, and we feel like, if you're going to call for a boycott of a company -- if something has become that serious -- you need to have all your resources behind it.

My guess is that it probably has nothing to do with the 9 year boycott having had no effect on the Disney Corporation. Disney still includes domestic partner benefits for its employees, recently hired an out lesbian director to a 2 year contract and has never banned "Gay Days" from any of its parks.

What does has AFA's panties up in a bunch these days if it's not Disney? Well a quick glance of their website shows:

Urging sponsors of the Gay Games in Chicago to "pull out".

Attacking Republican Senators for backing the compromise on judges

Cashing in on Terri Schiavo's death by selling bumper stickers

One wonders if the pastor of a now defunct church in Louisiana was concerned with the same issues as AFA? He, his wife and six former congregates were arrested in a sex abuse case that involves as many as 24 children and animals.

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