Saturday, May 28, 2005

Massresistance Attacks yet Another Family

In Massresistance's latest hate speech, she attacks a family who appears in the Boston Globe. The blog says:
We thought we were supposed to stay out of others' bedrooms? Why then does the Boston Globe push us into the bedroom--and force us to focus on the bed--of a prominent queer couple?
Hello!? I don't think anyone "forced" you into buying the Boston Globe. For people who bitch and moan about how liberal the Globe is, they sure read it an awful lot!

The poor blogger must not get out much and I'm guessing is a little bitter about the gay couple apparently having better taste than her:

We are treated to color photos of their beautifully decorated, just so right South End brownstone.
Sound like jealousy to me. She complains that it's part of the "normalizing" of queer life. HEY, Massresistance, We are normal here in Massachusetts, I think you are the one who's abnormal!

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