Sunday, May 29, 2005

Massresistance Advocates for Polygamy

In Stoneham, a man was found guilty of polygamy and had to pay a $500.00 fine. Massresistance wonders what the big deal is, we "let" gay people marry. (I guess she finally realized that same sex couple are getting legally married in the state since the blog didn't list marriage in quotes.) It goes on to say:
We don't understand why he's been prosecuted. What rational basis is there to deny him the right to marry several women at once? He just happened to hook up with his grade-school sweetheart recently, his "first kiss". It's all about love. What right does the state have to stand
in the way?

Excuse me, Ms. Massresistance, we only allow 2 consenting adults to marry in
this state. Anymore than that is illegal. If you wish to sue so you can marry your spouse's lover or your pet goat, go ahead. It's a free country. Although just maybe, your goat won't want to marry you!

Although the concept of polygamy is an interesting one. If it was legal Newt Gingrich wouldn't have had to serve divorce papers to his 1st and 2nd wives (the first was served while in the hospital with cancer). Larry King would still have his (what number is he on now?) wives. Elizabeth Taylor could have all her husbands and just add the hyphen to their names and Ronald Reagan could have balanced Nancy Davis and Jane Wyman on opposite coasts.

Tell me again how gay people are going to destroy marriages? The straight people have been such a bang up job strengthening it up.

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