Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Pot calling the Kettle Black

In Massresistance's latest post they accuse the Aids Action Committee (AA) of being in denial. They are supposed to be in denial because they promote safer sex but of course, Massresistance believes they "promote" unsafe sex because they publish a book called "The Little Black Book" that talks about safe sex, got it? Me neither.

Massresistance and Article 8 are obsessed with homosexual sex, whether it is between two women or two men. Why? Who knows? They love to publish every lurid detail of a safe sex manual for all to see (and I'm sure they read it over and over again because apparently they just can't get enough), I'd love to see their Blockbuster history file! I hope at least they are picking up tips!

The anonymous blogger states AA's founder is keeping "tabs" on the "Resistance" because he went to their scarcely attended "press conference" at the Government Center on May 17th. My friends wonder why I keep watch over them since they ARE such a fringe group and not widely supported by anyone in this state. I like to keep over watch of them because as crazy as they are, they shouldn't go without notice. Look back in history to see how far some other hate groups have gotten away with taking rights away from others. They are entitled to there hate speech under the Constitution, however, there needs to be voice that stands up to them with the truth. I am through with their lies and deception through websites that provide no email addresses or ways for feedback.

Massresistance still believes the world is flat and the earth revolves around the sun. They are constantly trying to make the world believe that HIV, a virus, was created as God's wrath on homosexuals. They also try to link it, in some way I still can't figure out, to same sex couples getting married. To them, the recent spat of bad weather is probably because of the anniversary of same sex couples finally getting the same rights as heterosexuals.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Brian Camenker has become the Globe's go-to guy when they need to add "balance" to an article on gay marriage. They used to use Ron Crews in the same role. I'm not sure I follow the logic.

Boston Bud said...

Well, after a year of same sex couples getting married, a lot of the "passion" on the anti-gay marriage front has died, except for the Article 8 people. They pretty much find anything they can and throw it at the media to see what sticks. While being quoted in the Globe might seem to be giving Article 8 some legitimacy it is also exposing them for the fringe lunatics they are.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for MassResister for exposing the conspiracy among Mayor Menino, the National Association of Social Workers, and the Harvard School of Public Health for trying to convert our youth to the homosexual lifestyle. I'm not surprised. I'm not impressed that the Harvard School of Public Health is one of the most esteemed research institutions and six CDC directors are graduates ---- it's still in Cambridge and we all know what that means. As for the National Association of Social Workers, everyone knows that if you merely add "ist" what do you get? National Association of Socialist Workers. And as for Mayor Menino --- he's hired all kinds of people in his administration; I mean he's hired gay people, people of color --- he's even promoted a woman as Police Commissioner! Wake up people! These radicals are at work!