Saturday, May 21, 2005

There they go again...

Article 8, stinging because hardly anyone went to their "press conference" on May 17th, is now claiming that "hundreds" of kids in Brookline received the same sex manual called "The Little Black Book" put out by Fenway Community Health Center.

Question: If "hundreds" of these books were given out, how come Article 8 doesn't have any pictures of the table with the hundreds of books?

Where are all the glossies of the children staring starry eyed at the "pornographic" pictures? Where is the boxes that the book came in? I can't imagine Fenway Community Health Center just zapped them on the table. Surely if there were "hundreds" of copies of this manual someone would have noticed?

The fact of the matter is the issue is MOOT. Article 8 is so upset that gay people can get married that have to keep rehashing any old controversy they can think of. They link to stories that happened in the 70's when Nixon was president. They are trying to link anything they can possibly find to the fact that gay people have been married for a year and nothing happened. The sky didn't fall, no one died and no church was required to marry a same sex couple if it was against their rules.

With all their "concern" about the children, I wonder how many children they have damaged from all their hate speech and protesting outside of schools?

Note: For the life of me I can't figure out why Article 8 is so homophobic while they keep having a man dress up in drag like Supreme Court Justice Margaret Marshall

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